Getting the Legal Help That You Need Is Essential

Last night while your three daughters swimming you were sitting in the lounge chair reading. A dad and his two daughters were in front of you, six feet, of course, but you could hear them talking. The little daughter who appeared to be about seven asked her dad a question about love. He described it so sweetly, including a conversation about lots of kinds of love, but mostly explaining that it is having more love in your heart than hate. He then said, “That’s why you will wear masks at school this fall. You need to love others and protect them because everyone loves someone like your mom and I love you.”
The little girl said, “Wow, Dad that makes sense! If I do not give the virus to someone they can still be a part of their family!”

Everyone who knows you knows that you are pretty sentimental, but you think that anyone listening may have reacted the same with eyes full of tears listening in on this conversation.

As that Dad was leaving you told him you overheard his conversation and as a teacher you are so thankful for dads like him having those conversations! You talked for awhile and as he walked away he thanked you for not being selfish and taking care of other people’s babies! Such a feel good moment. Parents need to talk to their kids because they listen, and the best kinds of conversations are those that will help support the efforts to get students and teachers back safely to the classroom.

Two months later with the Covid-19 cases in your city steadily climbing, however, you are not certain that little girl’s love will be enough. It will not be enough to pay the rent now that your husband’s business has all but closed. It will not be enough to pay for your hospital bills if become ill with the Coronavirus. A scenario that is seeming even more likely when you see on the new that you live in the only one of the 500 largest cities in the country without a mask mandate. For even if the schools are requiring staff and students to wear masks and are doing everything within their power to sanitize, social distance, and limit exposure, the 30,000 children who go to school in your district are coming from homes that may not be wearing masks when they are out in the community. Some teachers predict that in person classes for the 80% of families who have chosen that option will last no more than a week. Most administrators are awake at night worried about the decisions that they are required to make.

What Do You Do When Love Is Not Enough?

Any family who has been through a medical nightmare because of the pandemic or has suffered an injury or illness because of malpractice knows the challenge of needing help. And if you are the victim of a poorly tried case and attorney malpractice then you can feel especially vulnerable. In fact, while it can seem difficult find help when you are worried or scared, it can seem nearly impossible to get the help that you need in the midst of a medical or attorney malpractice case or a situation that was caused by pharmaceuticals or product liability. Attorney fees can seem frightening and knowing who you can trust in an attorney malpractice case is challenging.

Fortunately, with the right mediator who understands how to make use of professional preparation strategies like mock trials there are legal advisers who can help their clients navigate even the most challenging attorney malpractice cases. In 1962, nearly a half century ago, 11.5% of federal civil cases went to trial. Today, however, experts indicate that the percentage of civil cases that actually reach trial in the Federal courts is estimated to be about 1%. This means that without a jury of your peers, your best recourse for a fair result results in hiring the most experienced legal advisor you can find. And while the seriousness and ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic may seem novel, the fact of the matter is there are many attorneys with the experience to help you find the options that are available.

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