How Can TechFlex Tight Weave Protect Electrical Components?

Of all types of DuraTech tools, TechFlex Tight Weave is one of the most essential for wire protection and electrical component safety. That being said, it’s important to understand the benefits of this unique material in order to choose the best protection for your business’s electrical components and equipment. With that in mind, here’s a bit about TechFlex Tight Weave and how it can protect wires of all shapes and sizes.

What is TechFlex Tight Weave?

TechFlex Tight Weave is a unique wire covering that offers many advantages in terms of protection and overall safety. It’s designed to be utilized in applications that involve the need for a balance of abrasion resistance and optimal coverage.

What makes TechFlex Tight Weave unique?

TechFlex Tight Weave is constructed into a unique braided shape that, as mentioned, offers the ideal balance between coverage and resistance to abrasion. Its tight braids decrease wear and tear on electrical wires while protecting those exposed to them. TechFlex Tight Weave is particularly protective in bundling a multitude of cables or harnesses — Electrical hazards lead to more than 300 deaths and 4,000 injuries among U.S. workers every year, and TechFlex Tight Weave provides higher quality coverage than traditional sleeving.

You should also keep in mind that an overcurrent occurs in an electrical circuit when the normal load current is exceeded. There are two basic forms of overcurrents: overloads and short circuits. The use of fuses and circuits breakers protect workers, consumers, and equipment when dangerous overcurrents occur. The tight braids of TechFlex Tight Weave help to keep a safe barrier between wires and improve safety.

How can I buy TechFlex Tight Weave?

Contact us for more information about whether TechFlex Tight Weave sleeving is right for you. We offer a number of DuraTech tools that make your working environment safer and more efficient. Our TechFlex Tight Weave sleeving comes in multiple colors depending on the sizing that you need. Blue, green, yellow, orange, and red are just a few colors options available and can help you designate between wires in large bundles.

Ultimately, understanding these basics about TechFlex Tight Weave sleeving can help you make the right decisions for your electrical safety needs.

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