How Contacting Fire Alarm Services Can Reduce Your Business’s Risk Of Fire By 50% Or More

Fire sprinkler installations

Fire safety can never be underestimated. A single lapse in maintenance or negligent action could result in thousands of dollars in property damage lost, laying waste to any future plans you have for your business. At the very worst? Your customers and employees could be put in danger. No matter what building you own, be it a hotel or apartment complex, fire safety should always be at the forefront of your mind. This means providing easy-to-access fire escape plans, committing to routine electrical maintenance and reaching out to fire alarm services.

You may not think about the probability of a fire as often as you do budgeting or customer service, but it’s an omnipresent possibility that can strike at any time.

What Are The Most Common Sources Of Fire?

Just as fire can strike at any time and any location, so too can it be avoided with a proactive attitude. Fire thrives in environments that are dirty, cluttered and poorly maintained. This means investing in reliable trash cleaning services and keeping a close eye on your indoor and outdoor environment will make it difficult for a spark to ‘latch’ on and do damage. Poor ventilation is also to blame, as fans are required to properly circulate temperature and smoke into the open where it’s less harmful.

Which Businesses Are Considered High-Risk?

All businesses have a risk of fire. Some businesses, however, have been classified as ‘high-risk’ for their combination of certain factors. Apartments, hotels, motels, offices and facilities that care for the sick (be they hospitals or clinics) have been found to account for half of all high-rise fires. Each year sees hotel and motel fires alike resulting in a collective $76 million in property loss. Dry (and possibly wet) chemical systems in areas of fire factored into over 80% of those requiring operational equipment.

What Other Businesses Are High-Risk And Need Extra Care?

It’s important to note that all businesses should take every step necessary to prevent fire, even though some have been proven more volatile than others. All it takes is a poorly discarded cigarette or electronic failure to hurt your finances and cause grievous harm to dozens. Small data centers, due to their inherently delicate nature, are very susceptible to the risk of fire. Those below 2,500 square feet are required by law to have an EWD (or Early Warning Fire Detection system) in place. Fire alarm services and fire protection services are able to determine which model is best suited for you.

How Often Should I Do Fire Alarm Maintenance?

Your fire alarm services are one of your biggest lines of defense when it comes to keeping everyone and everything safe. These are designed to detect a certain amount of chemicals in the air before they become a problem, providing you enough time to act before things go out of hand. The combination of both automatic sprinklers as well as early warning systems in all buildings have been shown to reduce loss of life as well as property damage by at least 50%. As the saying goes? It’s better to be safe than sorry. Your fire alarm should be inspected at least once per year, if not more.

Should I Apply For A Fire Alarm Inspection?

Preparation begins with a first step. The one you should take is reaching out to your local fire alarm services and asking what you can do to bolster the safety of your business. This can be an action as simple as checking your fire alarm batteries or installing a brand new, fully updated system to accommodate the needs of your motel, apartment complex or data center. A professional eye can also spot holes in your foundation, so to speak, and catch you up to speed on all the smaller ways you can go about preventing a fire where you work. Hotel and motel fires cause an estimated 15 deaths, as well as 150 injuries, every year.

What will you do to protect your livelihood and those around you?

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