How International Shipping Companies Partner Up With Conservationists to Go Green

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Our planet is unique for so many reasons: we have an abundance of resources, we have liquid water, we are alive. As humans, it is our duty to use the earth responsibly. This means conserving energy, resources, and materials and cutting down on our current rate of consumption. Our reliance on non-renewable resources is causing us to rethink our role on this planet and find new ways to live, work, and play. The growing awareness for such though is taking shape as the green movement; here’s how we can all live green.

The Heart and Soul of Conservation

Ultimately there are few fundamentals behind the green movement. These can be summarized into a few key points. The first is to minimize your carbon footprint — this is essentially to reduce driving emissions and your negative impact on the earth. The second is to reuse or recycle products to cut down on the need for consumption and the size of landfills. A third point is to cut down on our waste, since America is the largest global producer of waste. By following these basic points, the green movement is changing the way that Americans live and think. Here is one such industry that is contributing to the green movement in an unorthodox way.

Shipping Containers Around the Globe

International shipping companies contribute to a global economy that indirectly impacts the lives of all people through commerce. America is the largest trading nation in the world with 2011’s exports of goods and services valuing over $2.1 trillion. International shipping companies are responsible for around 60% of seaborne world trade. When paired with the fact that world trade has grown at nearly twice as fast as world production for a number of decades now, these international shipping companies have a need to constantly update their shipping container stock. To this end, many businesses have invested in modifying these used shipping containers into buildings as a form of recycling.

Green Building Blocks

There have been a growing number of buildings that utilize recycled material across the world, becoming tourist attractions and bold statements on conservation simultaneously. Some companies sell pre-modified shipping containers as mobile offices for construction companies and other businesses that operate in multiple locations. Some green-minded individuals have even taken to contacting a global trade directory to put them in touch with clients around the world looking to sell used cargo shipping containers; they will then use these containers to build their homes. Likewise, a number of businesses sometimes work with a contractor or directly with an international trading company to purchase used shipping containers to modify as stores, restaurants, or large office spaces; a company that makes an active effort towards conservation through action can easily attract interest from like-minded people. As the green movement continues to pick up speed we can ensure that the future is a brighter, cleaner, and more abundant place to future generations.

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