How Many Times Have You Moved?

Winter is not the best time for moving, but you are fortunate that today, the coldest day of the year, is not when the moving company trucks will arrive. Today you are able to focus on the inside tasks of sorting through some drawers and closets. Tomorrow, on a day when they temps are supposed to be far more moderate, will be the actual moving day. This is the first time you have hired a professional local moving company to help with the transition from one home to another, but you are also anticipating that this move into a retirement community will be your last. In the past when your husband’s job required that the family had to move for work his relocation package included contracts with national moving companies. This local option, in comparison, seems less stressful. The fact that you are downsizing means that you have had to do a lot of work ahead of time, but it will be nice when the entire transition is complete.

You are looking forward to an easier life in a home where all of the outside maintenance is taken care of and it will be nice to know that for once in your life you have only moved the items that you want and will use.

Moving Requires Careful Attention to a Number of Important Details

Whether you are looking at a local moving company for a small residential move or you are working with a transition team to relocate an entire office of workers and computer equipment, it is always important to consider all of the available resources before you make your hiring decisions. Different kinds of moving company options specialize in different kinds of services. Some businesses, in fact, specialize in moving data storage center equipment, while others offer more options when it comes to in city residential transitions.

Although every move can have its own challenges consider some of these facts and figures about the services that are available when you are READY TO MOVE:

  • Research from the 2016 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement indicates that 11.2% of the U.S. population moved between the year 2015 and the year 2016.
  • Estimates from recent surveys also indicate that the average American moves approximately 12 times in their life.
  • As an example, the average person who is 30 years old has moved six times.
  • Deciding to be a renter rather than a buyer is one indication of people who will likely have frequent moves. For example, as many as 33% of renters move each year.
  • Year end summaries can differ a little bit, but in the year 2017, nearly 11% of the U.S. population relocated.

  • There is a fairly even distribution of who uses professional moving companies. In fact, of those who use moving companies, 44% are individuals and 38% are businesses.
  • On average, households in the U.S. have 300,000 things in them. This is the main reason, of course, why moving can be such a monumental task for a family or an individual.

  • Moving companies often have very specific guidelines and procedures for moving certain kinds of items. For instance, of the items most commonly being moved by moving companies, 20% are computers, copiers and other electronic office equipment. These expensive pieces of equipment require special kinds of planning.
  • Of the moves that many people make, some are much more difficult than others. For instance, as many as 63% of Americans have moved to a new community at least once in their lives. This is a transient that requires an extra amount of planning and organizing.
  • Varioius kinds of local moves, however, can be easier to manage for the 37% of people who have moved, but have never left their hometowns. Every move, however, is unique and depending on the time of year and the age of the property owner, some moves can be far more challenging than others.
  • Every time that you get ready to move you need to take the time to consider what you need prioritize. For many people, finding help in moving the largest and heaviest of items is a priority. It can be especially advantageous to make sure that these bigger items are moved into a home first so smaller items can come later.

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