How to Improve Your Trade Show Space with Event Drapery

You’re proud of your success at trade shows. You could do better, as much as you don’t want to admit it, and you know that the key to your future success lies not just in your prowess as a vendor, but your ability to stage your booth in a professional and engaging fashion as well. Passersby are fickle, and if your trade show booth looks more like a grade school project than a beautiful display, you need the right event drapery to stand out positively.

Discover the different types of event items you can use to make your next trade show space more successful. With rising trade show costs being a concern for over a third of event planners, you need to know how to plan your next trade show without worry. Here are ways you can improve your trade show booth space with backdrops and more.

Pipe and Drape Offers a Quick Solution


Desire a trade show display that has a super quick set up and tear down system? Consider the pipe and drape display feature. This display features the base and standing components of an event display set, allowing you to quickly set up your designs with whatever space you have. Colors vary, and you can have a custom design created to meet your needs best.

Pole Covers Offer Professional Appeal


Perhaps you consider yourself handy and like to create your own pole display frames? Pole covers are a great event drapery solution that will give your trade show booth that professional appeal you desire.

Drapery Fabric Offers Simple Privacy


The right drapery fabric, including velour drapes, satin drapery, and other types of material, will give your trade show booth a durable, functional appeal you can appreciate. You’ll also get the intimate privacy you desire so you can improve the way your booth looks while giving it a new and updated feel for your patrons as well.

Whether you are new to the trade show business and want to have the most impressive booth in the line, or you don’t know how you can improve your current dismal booth, you can use event drapery to give your space great improvement. An event supplies specialist can show you how pipe and drape components and other drapery tools work.

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