How to Package Your Food or Beverage Product

If you are in the food industry and about to introduce a new food or beverage product, then you probably know that product packaging is one aspect of your product that makes the whole lot of difference. Before you get the product to the market, you need to first figure out its packaging. While the primary function of organic food packaging being keeping the food safe, the function of the packaging design is to attract potential customers to your brand. You need to have an established brand identity and a packaging design that tell people about the product in a precise and concise way. Think of simplistic designs such as chocolate candy bags, custom printed coffee bags or printed vacuum pouches. All these are forms of organic food packaging with designs that have achieved mass appeal over the years. Unfortunately, many businesses spend a fortune in organic food packaging trying to implement sophisticated designs that no one gets. The whole idea of packaging is relevance. You need to understand that the food packaging is the first point of contact that people have with your product. Simply put, the packaging therefore acts as your brand ambassador and should therefore communicate exactly that-what your product is all about. So how should you get started in organic food packaging?

Know Your Brand
The best approach to organic food packaging is knowing your brand identity. When developing your organic food packaging, try and make a clear statement of what your brand is all about. Even before you get to the packaging, think about the product and try to think what it is all about. The other thing you should ask yourself is how your product is different from the rest in the market. Try and have a brand philosophy and then ask yourself who your target market is. By answering these questions, you will be able to come up with an organic food packaging strategy that is guided by the responses to the above questions. The whole concept should guide the design, color, material used and the size of your packaging. When launching a new product in the market, you should never go wrong in terms of packaging. The packaging should clearly capture the brand message through everything that will be on the packaging. This is meant to attract maximum attention within a short period of time for you to start establishing a brand identity in highly competitive markets such as the food industry.

Form and Function
The organic food packaging industry is one that requires a tough balancing act in terms of enhancing the shelf appeal of the food product but ensuring compliance to the rules that govern food packaging. Ideally, food packaging has to include information about the health benefits or implications of taking certain foods. In addition, you are supposed to state the ingredients used on the packaging. You have very little time to ensure that customers know and understand what they are taking. It is always a good idea to focus on your brand appeal but the functional part of the packaging should not be ignored. Since you will need food packaging labels that capture crucial details, think about the packaging materials. What materials will you be using to ensure freshness of the product from the production point to consumers. Will the construction of your packaging be the best and how much space will it offer you to introduce your brand. The packaging too should be versatile to allow ease of transportation to consumers. When you reevaluate the long term outcome of your packaging, then it is less likely to be complicated coming up with the best packaging for your food product. The key to having the perfect packaging is not to overthink. Customers love something witty, exciting and colorful. If you can find a package that people can use after use such as the resealable pouches, that would be even better.

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