Keeping Our Children’s Schools Properly Cleaned

Types of cleaning services

Schools are important places. They educate children and provide them with the necessary social and academic skills for life. Most children attend school five days a week, for eight or nine hours per day. They may also spend extra hours at the school for after school activities or events. Weekends may even be full with sporting events and acting plays. With so many people consistently frequenting the school systems, the cleanliness is very important. Although many schools have full time janitors on site, it can also be helpful to have an outsourced commercial cleaning company.

Children?s immune systems are not yet as developed as adults. They are also not as consistent with hygienic and ill preventing techniques, such as constant washing of hands, covering mouth when coughing, or sneezing into the arm. They are not aware of how the immune system works and how the spread of germs can cause many people to get sick. This is why so many children bring home sicknesses from school. Over time, their immune systems will get stronger and they will not be as prone to these illnesses, but sanitization is very important in a school setting.

Full time janitors may provide the school with sanitization services. However, they may not have the materials or the ability to properly sanitize the school?s many rooms and common areas regularly. Commercial cleaning companies often have a multiple person team that can quickly clean and sanitize an entire school building in a matter of hours. Professional cleaning service companies also have access to multiple types of cleaning materials that effectively sanitize large areas.

Cleaning companies also have the ability to clean large scale or tough to clean messes. A janitor may spend many hours attempting to clean a troublesome area, such as graffiti. This prevents them from completing their other cleaning duties. A single janitor is often not able to keep up with these types of things. An oft cited 2002 study published by the National Center for Education Statistics examined how clean and well cared for our schools are, reporting that, nationally, 10% had signs of graffiti somewhere in the school, on the walls, lockers, desks, and, or in the bathrooms. Approximately 33% had floors and, or walls that were not considered clean, and 11% had ceilings that were in disrepair. Some in house janitors may also be tasked with the repair and maintenance of the school, making their job even more difficult to keep up with.

Janitor employees of the school may also struggle to clean specific rooms that are full of students. School janitors tend to work the same hours as the students attend the school. They may attempt to clean the classrooms after school hours. Yet, many students are still at the school for after school activities. A benefit to commercial cleaning companies is that they tend to work late or in the middle of the night, for best cleaning situations. Most cleaning agencies work second or third shift because buildings are typically cleaned when no one is present.

Commercial cleaning companies also have the ability to provide specialized cleaning services. Children with breathing difficulties, such as asthma may be sensitive to harsh cleaning chemicals. Green cleaning services allows the cleaning company to clean and sanitize the school?s rooms, with green cleaning products, or products that are made from natural parts. Also, regular cleaning can help reduce the symptoms of some breathing problems. Allergic diseases, which include asthma, are the fifth most prevalent chronic diseases in all ages, and the third most common in children.

Schools need to be exceptionally clean and free of germs and contaminants. Children, who are more prone to the spread of germs, are exposed to many of these germs in their school settings. If you are wondering how to choose the right cleaning company, consider finding one that will provide services late, after the school is closed, one that can provide specialized, green cleaning services, and one that is able to sanitize the entire school on a regular basis.

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