Maintenance Tips for Bobcat Excavators

Bobcat excavators are useful tools that do incredible work. With proper maintenance, this powerful machinery can serve you for years. We have compiled tips to help you maintain bobcat excavators and final drive motor for a john deere.

Check for Leaks

The two common leaks in final drive motor for a john deere include gear oil leak and hydraulic leak. Checking gear oil leaks involves oil checks behind the sprocket or using a tracked machine. A gear oil leak is linked to a mechanical face seal. When this problem is detected, a face seal should be added immediately.

Hydraulic leaks, on the other hand, involves fluid leaking from hoses or issues with the final drives hydraulic. If the leakage is not coming from a leaking hose, there is a high likelihood that your case drain filter is clogged. If you notice a massive amount of leaking fluid, it could be hydraulic fluid. Typically, there is a little amount of gear oil in a final drive.

Do Repairs when required

Your final drive motor for a john Deere is not designed to last an eternity. Travel motors and other parts of your excavator will wear and tear with time. Ensure that you have ready spare parts in case of an emergency. There are numerous telltale signs that you be on the lookout for on your excavator drive motors and other components. Identifying some of these signs can help you avoid expensive repairs.

Oil Check

Your excavator, just like any other vehicle, requires regular oil changes. While you can do oil change by yourself, seeking services of professionals is not a bad idea. According to experts, you should check the gear oil level after every 100 hours of operation

Here is how to go about it. The cover plate of your travel motor or the final drive has two or three plugs. Ensure that one plug is pointing straight downwards while the other is at 3 o’clock position.

Remove dirt, debris, muds oil, and sand from the plugs to avoid contaminating gear oils.

Remove the plugs slowly. You can use a hammer to loosen the plug. If the final drive does not have enough oil, top-up through the openings. Lastly, replace the plugs after finishing topping off the oil.

Changing gear oil

Final drive gear oil should be changed at least once a year. Ensure the oil is warm so that it can drain out faster and more easily. Before draining the oil, clean the plugs by removing any debris around them. Slowly remove the bottom plug before removing the top plug. Ensure no metal flake or shavings enter the oil. If you find metal in the oil, then you need to service your final drive. Lastly, replace the plugs after you are done with adding oil. Word of caution; do not mix different types of oil.

Check the case drain filter

John Deer final drive has case drain filters. Most of the travel drive motors have a case drain filter. The filters look like an aluminum canister. You can find it by following a case drain line. After finding the filter, remove it from the drain line. Ensure you plug the drain line to prevent any contamination and potential loss of hydraulic fluid. Filter inspection involves unscrewing the nut and remove the spring that holds the filter in the place. The filter element should be replaced if the color is no longer bronze.

Follow your Maintenance Schedule

You should stick to your routine maintenance schedule for your mini excavator. Each excavator model, including bobcat e50 and e55, has a different service schedule. Regular services ensure your bobcat is running perfectly and gets work done when needed.

Final drive motor for a john deere is one of the brand tractors that require e final motor management. These maintenance practices ensure that the final drive performs optimally.

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