Near-Line and Off-line Vs In-Line

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Print, despite the popularity of the Internet and other forms of media, has still remained as one of the most popular forms of entertainment and business practices across the United States. Every year in the U.S., the amount of paper used totals 9 billion tons. But how that paper is printed, punched, bound, and distributed is a whole other issue.

Once the printing project has finished, it’s now time to bind together all these groupings of paper and prepare them for use and distribution. There are a few options for binding books and groupings of paper, and it’s important to remember that the sorting and the order of the paper is nearly just as essential to the printing itself.

Near-Line and Off-Line Vs. In-Line

Although it’s difficult to determine one best method that works for every situation, every project, and every approach, there are advantages and disadvantages of these various methods of paper binding.


In-line can be good if you are fully knowledgeable about fixed format sizes, gauging the “fit,” and understand speed, paper hand-off, and interface operations. Sounds complicated, right? Although in-line can accomplish quality binding jobs, it is much more complicated and subsequently not as effective or productive.

Near-Line and Off-Line

Near-line and off-line binding jobs, on the other hand, are quite effective and, thanks to technological advancements, this method of binding is virtually a hands-off process. Without a doubt, when human hands are involved in a binding process, the likelihood of error significantly increases. But with quality automatic wire binding machines, the paper binding process can be accomplished with nearly 100% accuracy. Automatic wire binding through digital machinery is one of the major benefits of near-line and off-line production. Plus, why would a company pay click charges on the most expensive type of (in-line) machine when a lesser and more affordable machine will do? That’s why near-line and off-line are the best options for major binding projects. Use a digital automatic wire binder to solve all your binding problems.

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