Nuclear Power for All How Our Reliance on Fossil Fuels Could Spell Disaster for All of Us


Investing in nuclear energy stocks

When considering the world nuclear, many Americans’ first impression is the destructive power of atomic bombs first and last used during WWII. Thankfully, the world has taken a definitively less destructive path by investing in safe, practical applications of nuclear technology to produce clean energy. Today, nuclear reactors supply over 11% of the world’s electricity; this means that the amount of energy produced today by nuclear energy is equal to the amount of energy produced by all power sources in 1960. There are over 436 commercial reactors operating in 30 countries across the world with another 67 under construction at this moment. With our dependence on fossil fuels, it may be to everyone’s benefit to understand the benefits as well as the dangers associated with nuclear energy.

The Superiority of Nuclear Energy

Coal, natural gas, and petroleum have long reigned as the kings of energy production in the United States; many of us are left to wonder if this is due to the efficiency of fossil fuels or instead may be linked to political ties and influence. Regardless, the facts make it clear who the real champion of energy is — the United States Nuclear Energy Institute suggests that as much as 78% of the operating costs for coal fired power plants is spent on fuel alone; similarly it is estimated that up to 89% of the operating costs for gas fired power plants is also spent on fuel. Uranium on the other hand costs nuclear power plants just 14% of their operating costs. In addition, one kilogram of natural uranium is believed to yield around 20,000 times as much energy as the same amount of coal; this amount of coal could power a single 60 watt light bulb for just four days where a kilogram of uranium could do so for an astounding 685 years!

Protecting Yourself from Nuclear Energy

There are a number of wearable radiation detection products available to keep individuals safe and informed. Although around 51% of Americans favor the use of nuclear energy for electricity in the United States, there are around 43% of Americans that are understandably reluctant to welcome this form of power production. For Americans that feel that may live too close to a nuclear energy plant, they will be happy to know that they can install radiation survey meters on their homes; these radiation detection devices have the ability to alert homeowners if and when their home is near radiation. Many experts agree that wearable radiation detection equipment is the most practical application however, as these wearable radiation detection watches and devices are more precise and can inform wearers when the danger has passed from their proximity.

How to Start Investing in Nuclear Energy Stocks

While there is always a risk associated with nuclear energy, safety protocols and well-trained engineers are available to ensure that this risk is negated. Studies have argued for the environmental, economic, and political benefits of nuclear power in the past and continue as nuclear energy stocks continue to rise. For this reason, many investors have looked to nuclear energy investment as not only a means to produce capital, but as a way of sending a message in the form of what may be described as an energy revolution. By switching to nuclear power we can sever our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels and ensure the future success of our species in a world full of finite energy options. Do your research and see how nuclear energy makes safer, cheaper alternative to our energy concerns.

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