Powder or Liquid Coating What is the Right Choice?


If you want a professional finish for your products, powder coating, San Francisco manufacturers have found can do the trick nicely. Of course, not every product is the best candidate for enhanced powder coating.

Getting that professional finish that upgrades your products starts with figuring out which coating is best for your specific product material. Working closely with a trusted professional finish resource can help ensure you get the right finish.

What Are Your Choices?

You have two primary choices to get an impressive professional finish. You can use a powder coating or you can use a liquid coating. Frankly, powder coating is the preferred method of the two by manufacturers. It can be less expensive and faster.

The goal with any professional finish is threefold. You want to enhance your product’s appearance, protection, and durability. Some product materials are best suited for liquid coating, while other product materials are served best by powder coating.

Each type of coating can add:

  • Enhanced aesthetics with color. There is a full array of finish colors you can choose with either option.
  • Protection from corrosive exposure, scratches, and scuffs. Each coating option will provide a preventive layer of protection.
  • A durable finish that extends the life expectancy of your products. Each option will provide the durable coating that will keep your product looking and functioning great for longer.

Both powder coatings and liquid coatings can provide all the above, but there are differences. For example, powder coating has shorter processing times, however, it cannot be used on wood, rubber, some metals, and other materials.

Choosing the Right Processing is Critical

If you are new to finish selections you will need some help in choosing the right coating option. If your product is made from multiple materials you do not want to choose an option that can cause damage to the materials. Getting the right support is critical to getting the professional finish results you deserve.

A Professional Finish Expert

The best way to select the right professional finish for your products is to consult with a finish expert that can provide advice and direction in choosing the right finish process. With a little help, you can choose the best coatings for your product materials that will protect, improve, and enhance durability.

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