Reusable Clamshells Are an Ecofriendly Choice for Retailers and Consumers

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As people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and aware of the negative impact of our smallest decisions on the world around us, they are starting to make better choices. A major shift has taken place in consumer preferences in favor of environmentally friendly packaging. Reusable bags and made in USA clamshells can reduce the amount of plastic used, helping to limit the amount of pollution.

Plastics pollution is deadly
As most people are now aware, plastic pollution is a serious threat to waterways like rivers and streams, and to the oceans. Discarded plastic bags and other items like straws and cigarette lighters find their way through storm drains into rivers and waterways where they endanger plant, animal and bird life. The oceans are literally awash in plastic and the ocean currents have created the five large garbage patches in each major water body. Each garbage patch is hundreds of miles across.
It is estimated that plastic waste causes damage worth around $13 billion per year. In just one year, 2013, a staggering 78 million metric tons of plastic packaging was produced worldwide. Of this amount, an estimated 40% found its way to landfills and almost a third or 32% leaked into to the environment. This pollutes both land and sea.

Eco friendly retail packaging is here
As people become aware of the problems, they are also actively seeking solutions. Environmentally conscious consumers are turning to eco friendly packaging in an effort to stem the tide of plastic pollution. Reusable bags and packaging like made in USA clamshells help to reduce the total amount of plastic in production and use.
In fact more than half or 52% of people around the world actually base their buying decisions based on packaging that is eco friendly. Green packaging can be used for many different purposes, from fishing utility boxes to pharmaceuticals. A significant advance in this field is the development of reusable clamshell packaging.

Reusable clamshells lead the field
Since they were first introduced in 1978, clamshells have been at the cutting edge of packaging design and technology. Tamper evident clamshells were a major innovation and provided packaging that could guarantee the safety and integrity of the contents. Reusable clamshells continue this tradition, with made in USA clamshells that are ecofriendly.
Another design innovation is the introduction of user friendly clamshells, that are easier to open than the earlier versions. Reusable clamshells are highly versatile and come in a variety of shape and sizes. They offer a clear surface for customers to see the product, and they can be labeled as appropriate. They can also be closed easily with single click, making it easy to reuse them to store just about anything.

As consumers become aware of the massive environmental problems caused by plastic pollution, they are switching to more ecofriendly green packaging. The new generation of made in USA clamshells are reusable and easy to open and close, making them the environmentally friendly choice. They give retailers and consumers alike a chance to make a difference in a positive way.

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