The Basics of Environmental Design


What are environmental graphic designs? What value does environmental graphic designs bring to the table? This video investigates what this type of design has to offer and how graphic design that takes into account the environment around it has a big impact.ADA compliant signage, wayfinding signs, and more are all around us. Sometimes we notice them, and sometimes we do not, but they are always there. This video will help you to think about the impact of signage and graphic design differently.

Graphic design starts with art consulting. An art consultant is a professional that helps to design attention-getting graphics that fit in with the environment that the graphics will be placed in.

This video is interesting to watch because it gives you a different perspective of the signs and graphics that you see everyday. Most graphic designs are highly intentional. For example, in the video, a section of a hospital that serves children is highlighted where the graphics on the walls are designed with the intention of making the children feel more comfortable in the setting. Watch this interesting graphic design video to learn how designers incorporate the environment to create signage and designs.

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