The Right Air Ducts for the Job

Most residences and commercial buildings in the United States come fully equipped with heating and air conditioning utilities, or HVAC, and this makes climate control possible. But this should not be taken for granted; when a house or building is constructed, the project crews will need to order air duct parts and supplies from manufacturers and wholesalers, such as oval ducts, oval duct fittings, and spiral ducts. Many different duct fitting parts are available, and many of them offer advantages over the older, rectangular type of air duct. Why might spiral ductwork or oval ducts be used instead of rectangular ones, anyway? And how are air ducts made and installed?

The Advantages of Oval Ducts

Any building that will have HVAC systems will need a furnace, air conditioners, blower fans, and of course, air ducts installed in it during construction. Many older buildings contain the rectangular duct models, which are boxy and tend to take up a lot of room. In light of more modern oval ducts and spiral ducts, though, they may seem inadequate. Rectangular ducts are rather bulky and need a lot of room so that they can be installed, and some buildings will not even have that room at all. These ducts require extra spaces, typically three inches, to allow connections and reinforcements to be installed at their joints. What is more, rectangular ducts have a habit of rattling and being rather noisy while air is going through them, and a building’s residents may not like that.

By contrast, oval ducts and spiral ducts are rounded in shape, and they are narrower, too. So, they can be installed in tighter buildings where rectangular ducts can’t fit, since they do not need that extra space for joint fastenings. Another perk is the resource conservation: oval ducts and spiral ducts are made of sheet metal like rectangular ones, but they don’t require as much. This can cut down on manufacturing costs, and thus they can be sold for a slightly lower price, too. Besides, many manufacturers and other businesses today are becoming conscious of their resource use, and are looking for ways to recycle and reuse materials, or otherwise lower how much new material they need for work.

It goes beyond resource conservation, though. Studies show that the entire process of making, storing, and transporting oval ducts and spiral ducts is more cost effective than using rectangular duct models. In terms of labor, transport, warehousing, packaging, and waste disposal, using spiral ducts over rectangular ducts can mean 50% less cost in some cases. Spiral and oval ducts are also quieter than rectangular ones, and they can carry the same load of air more efficiently. What is more, these duct types may be less likely to fall apart or develop air leaks that need repair.

Wholesale Purchases and Installation

It is not ordinary homeowners who are ordering wholesale oval spiral ducts, but construction companies who need them for a project. Any project head can look up oval duct wholesale suppliers and order what they need, and enjoy the lower prices compared to using rectangular ducts. And for some buildings that have limited room, only oval ducts will fit inside, anyway. In some cases, such as for a large company working on a large project, a purchasing agent might be asked to scout out multiple suppliers and fine one that provides the best products and services for the lowest cost.

Still, ducts sometimes need repair or replacement, and very dirty or damaged ones can be removed and swapped out for new ones. A factory, high school, office building, and more can have this work done, and contractors can be hired. Those contractors, like construction worker crews, can look up wholesale suppliers for spiral ducts and get exactly what they need for a job well done.

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