The Top Three Benefits Of Donating Clothes To Charity

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It can be difficult to get rid of the clothes that you aren’t using anymore — especially when they’re pieces that could ostensibly still be worn. It’s one thing to throw out a ripped piece of clothing, or something that is stained beyond repair. But when an outfit is still in good condition, you may be tempted keep it — despite the fact that you don’t use it anymore. It’s believed that the average American buys twice as many clothes as they would have 20 years ago, and it’s easy to understand why. Many companies are producing nice clothes at affordable prices, which means that many end up jumping on clothes that they wouldn’t even wear, just because it seems like a “good deal”. The clothing you intended to gift someone could end up languishing forgotten in your closet. Or perhaps you took a risk and bought an outfit that doesn’t fit you — and now it can’t be returned. Perhaps you simply don’t want to wear something anymore because it’s out of style, or just not your personal style these days. Luckily, there is a solution out there. Charities are always looking for donations, and in particular clothing donations. This gives you the opportunity to not only clean out your closet, but do a good thing. Certainly, it’s a better idea than just throwing the clothes out. Below, we’ll list some of the top benefits of turning your abandoned clothes into donations for non profit organizations.

1. Donating Clothes Means Going Green

If you’re wondering when to donate clothes — well, if you’re thinking about throwing away any clothes that are still wearable, it’s time to make a donation. It may seem productive to say “out with the old and in with the new”, but if that means throwing your clothes in the garbage, there can be a negative impact in the long term. In fact, almost 100% of clothing and textiles can be recycled, regardless of their condition. Despite this fact, only about 15% of old clothing is recycled or donated, and Americans are estimated to send around 10.5 billion pounds of clothes to landfills each year. This can have a terrible impact on the environment, and it is very much avoidable, even when your clothes are beyond repair or use. Some charities looking for donations will even take clothes that are no longer wearable and recycle them for you, or put them to some other use. The point is — you definitely don’t have to throw those clothes away.

2. Donations Can Be Tax Deductible

Charities looking for donations often advise potential donors that the donations they make can be converted into tax write-offs. This can mean that not only are you getting rid of clothes that you weren’t going to use — you ultimately get money back for them. While this isn’t applicable to all clothing donations, it’s certainly an option for many. And the write-offs can really add up — men’s overcoats and suits are worth about $60 as tax write-offs. You can check and see if the charity you’re considering has been given tax-exempt status by checking if it’s under section 501(c)(3) of the International Revenue Code — this also gives legitimacy to charities looking for donations. Do know that if you donate something that is not in good used condition or better and deduct over $500, the IRS requires that you submit an appraisal with your tax return.

3. Donating Clothes Is Good For The Mind

So, we know that donating clothes is good for the environment, and sometimes even good for the wallet. But it can also help you on a psychological level. Of course there’s a something get about helping people in need by giving — that goes without saying. But being able to get rid of things that were literally weighing your home down, and for that matter turning them into positives, can really help people in the long term. So think about donating; you’ll be glad you did.

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