Three Major Benefits of the Clamshell Packaging

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Clamshell packaging is something that you very likely see every day and don’t know what it is. You might go to a convenient store and buy products that use it. It is quite probable that you go to the cafeteria at your place of work and purchase a sandwich or a dessert that is prepackaged in a user friendly clamshell. You might even get one as a to-go container when you are bringing home the extra food from your family’s dinner out.

The user friendly clamshell gets its name because of the container, often made of plastic, opens with a hinge, in the same way a clam with open when giving up its pearl. It is a type of blister packaging that folds back onto itself. Clamshell containers are everywhere these days. It is difficult to go through a day without seeing one around. Their design and function make them highly desirable for restaurants and all kinds of locations. Here are three benefits of using them in your business.

1.) The clamshell packaging is easy to use.

If you are having something packaged in such a way that the consumer has a difficult time managing the package to get to the product, you are going to lose that customer in the future. A study done by West Rock Consumer Insights in 2016 showed that 26% of those who responded said that packaging is extremely important to them.

With the user friendly clamshell, the experience is very easy. All you have to do is snap it shut and lift it open when you want to get back in. In addition, most of the retail packaging and small clamshell packaging is made from clear material so you can see what it inside.

2.) The clamshell packaging is customizable.

Custom clamshell packaging means that you can customize your user friendly clamshell with your branding. This means something to consumers. In that same 2016 study by West Rock Consumer Insights, 66% of people have tried a product because there was something about the packaging that caught their eye. Also, if your product is making a positive social and environmental impact, 52% of people will want to do business with your brand. This is a big deal when you are attempting to distinguish your business from all the others.

3.) The clamshell packaging is reusable for consumers.

One of the best things about a clamshell packaging is the fact that it can often be reused by consumers at home. When a family goes out to eat and Junior ordered way too much spaghetti and there is no way he will be able to get to that pie, you can box that Sarah Lee up and put it in the fridge for later. When you open it at two in the morning, it will still be good.

Clamshell packaging. It’s a beautiful thing.

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