Three Things To Know About Entering The Cannabis Industry


We’re all looking for jobs right now. A lot of people are out of work due to COVID-19, which unfortunately heavily impacted a lot of industries that previously seemed sturdy and incapable of falling. The restaurant industry in particular has been affected by the pandemic; and considering this industry’s formidable weight across job sectors, this has led millions of people to be out of work. The job hunt isn’t as easy as it once was, either. A lot of jobs that were once easy to find are no longer available, and for that matter, many people are putting more thought into job hunting than they normally would. The fact is that where once any job would do for many, the pandemic is forcing us to all think of the long-term, and seek jobs that are pandemic-proof. This has led many to consider the idea of working for a cannabis dispensary.

The legality of cannabis products is rapidly changing, with many states being close to at the minimum decriminalizing marijuana usage. This will only open the door more for full legalization, which is of course the ultimate goal for not only a large portion of lawmakers, but many United States citizens as well. Right now, about 85% of legal cannabis consumption is utilized for pain treatment, which makes the industry even stronger than it already was. Certainly, it’s withstanding the COVID-19 pandemic well. Of course, working for a dispensary doesn’t come without certain requirements. But the rewards of getting the job are great, even if you need to look into getting your dispensary certifications ahead of time. Let’s look into what you should know about getting a job at a cannabis dispensary.

1. Look Up Online Cannabis Courses

Different states have different guidelines regarding how cannabis products are made and sold. For example, some states still only have cannabis legalized for medical use, while others allow it to be sold for recreational use. However, online cannabis courses are often accessible for a variety of different people seeking out their cannabis dispensary certifications. The benefit of these online courses is that they also are COVID-proof. You don’t have to worry about social distancing or catching the virus when you’re taking a course online, and you can still accomplish what you need to before searching for a dispensary job in earnest.

2. Understand The Roles

Depending on the type of experience that you have within other industries, it may be easier for you to break into the cannabis industry as well. It’s important for you to understand exactly what role you’re looking for, as this will make your job hunt simpler. You can break into the industry on a very entry level, as a cashier, if you have retail experience. But of course, if you’re used to a higher salary, this might not be for you. Store manager jobs are also available, and of course master growers earn quite a bit of money, though that takes some ladder-climbing. Those that take care of their dispensary certifications, however, might want to think about another job entirely.

3. Consider Becoming A Dispensary Technician

A lot of people who want to break into the cannabis industry get their dispensary certifications exactly so that they can become technicians. These jobs are rather unique, and therefore the market for them can be competitive; but their uniqueness also makes it harder for COVID-19 to negatively impact them. Extraction technicians in particular understand how to run the complex extraction machines, and for that matter ensure that those buying cannabis products are getting exactly what they need in terms of ingredients and effects. These positions sometimes require higher-level degrees, but not always; and in many cases, it’s a matter of starting with dispensary certifications.

The cannabis industry is exciting, and there is a lot of opportunity of growth and longevity within it. Whether you’re starting small, at an entry level position, or getting your certifications so you can jump into more technical work, you should consider entering the industry. Essentially, you’ll be getting into a specific field from the ground up, and will be more likely to benefit in the long term in that sense.

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