Types of Cleaning Business Opportunities


Starting a cleaning business can be a great way to earn money and provide a much-needed service. However, there are many different types of cleaning business opportunities available. There may be some that you have never considered before. Typically, cleaning businesses classify themselves into two types, commercial cleaning, and residential cleaning. When you dig deep into those different types, you find that there are many subcategories within each one. These subcategories open up many types of cleaning business opportunities once you understand them.

Office Cleaning

We are all familiar with basic home cleaning or janitorial services for an office building. These types of cleaning business opportunities provide basic services to a customer. These services may include cleaning and sanitizing common areas, restrooms, kitchens, and reception areas in an office space. It may consist of cleaning cubicles and desks. Waste removal and cleaning the floors and windows are essential for this type of service. Home cleaning typically includes dusting, mopping, vacuuming, polishing, and cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Home Cleaning

One of the types of cleaning business opportunities available to you is to offer unique services when it comes to home cleaning. A deep cleaning service is something that you can provide to customers in addition to the basic service. Deep cleaning could include carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, hand washing cabinets, and oven cleaning, along with other special options. Carpet cleaning may involve steam cleaning, stain removal, odor removal, and potentially some carpet repairs. Laundry services are another extra that you can offer your customers. This service provides your customers with the option to have their clothes washed, dried, and folded while cleaning their house.

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is one of those special types of cleaning business opportunities that you can offer. Many people are focused on environmentally friendly and safe practices. These practices translate to the way they want to clean their home. Many people believe it is important to have a clean house, but they also want it done in a sustainable way. This type of cleaning service provides products that are safe for the customer and family. These products are biodegradable and non-toxic. These types of products are safe for the environment and family pets. Offering this service is an excellent way for you to stand out from all of your competition.

Tile Cleaning

Tile cleaning services are an essential type of cleaning business opportunity. Tile cleaning is a specialized service that is not going to be offered by every cleaning company. This is another way you can stand out from the crowd and provide a service that is needed. Cleaning tile and grout are difficult, and regular cleaning is not going to get the job done correctly. It will not get the hidden dirt out of the grout. A tile cleaning service uses hot water extraction to get the deep debris and dirt so your tile is clean and sanitized.

Ceiling and Walls

Other types of cleaning business opportunities that can be offered as special services with home cleaning are things such as ceiling and wall cleaning. These are not items that are typically part of a home or office cleaning. Dirt, grime, and oil attach to the walls and ceilings without you even realizing it. When you clean these areas, your space looks clean, and it gives you better lighter. Having these areas clean makes your site much healthier.

If you offer wall cleaning, you should also consider a service to clean blinds. It is essential to know that you need proper equipment for this type of work. The best way to clean blinds to take them down, clean them, and rehang them. It is essential to know that not all of your customers will have blinds, and you may want to offer curtain cleaning for those customers. If you wish to provide curtain cleaning, it can be off-site cleaning or on-site methods. Your customers may not be comfortable with off-site cleaning. On-site cleaning is better on the fabric, your customer does not have to be without curtains, and it is a remarkable clean. Another excellent feature to offer your customers is upholstery cleaning. This includes cleaning all of the fabric on armchairs and sofas. When you do this, you are pre-treating the material and rinsing it with water.


Additional types of cleaning business opportunities that you can offer include cleaning windows. You can offer this to those with office or home cleaning. As long as they have windows, they will need to be cleaned. Windows get dirty quickly and can give customers and employees a wrong impression of a business. Your customers do not want dirty windows on their homes, either. Most likely, they do not want to take the time to clean them. Cleaning windows also includes cleaning the gutter, repairing screens, and pressure washing.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing requires that you use a jet washer that creates a stream of water that is powerful. Pressure washing removes dirt from the surface and thoroughly cleans it. You can also use it to clean the roof, remove paint, perform maintenance and restorative functions. When you have the equipment for pressure washing, it allows you to perform additional services for your customers.

Timeshare CLenaing

Cleaning for timeshare exit services is a unique service that is not provided by all cleaning services. This is a great way to provide a service to customers that they may not be able to find elsewhere. These services require your employees to use a checklist for cleaning each timeshare properly and efficiently each time. When someone exits a timeshare, there may not be a lot of time before the next person checks into it. The cleaning crew must be timely and quick, but also must do a good job cleaning.

Dentist Offices

When you are looking for types of cleaning business opportunities, it goes without saying that cleanliness is important. It must be your top priority; after all, that is the service you are providing. There are some areas where there is little room for error when it comes to cleaning and sterilization. One of those areas is dental office cleaning. It is critical that dental offices are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized space. All areas of the dental office must be disinfected. This service includes all waiting rooms, reception areas and desks, restrooms, treatment rooms, and diagnostic areas. It creates a healthy space for the dental office staff and patients and promotes a feeling of security. You must know that the infectious materials in a dental office differ from those in other medical offices and must be appropriately treated. The process and procedures must be rigorous and developed using guidance from organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), just to name a few. You want to leave the dental office with a clean that can see and feel.

Hospital Cleaning

Another area where cleaning and decontaminating is critical is with a hospital bed. A hospital bed is the most common piece of equipment found in hospitals and other medical facilities. Mattresses, in general, are challenging to keep clean, especially in a medical setting. There are bodily fluids to be aware of, plus food and drink spillage. There are many reasons how contamination can occur. Most often, when someone is leaving a hospital bed, there is something waiting to take their place, so time is crucial. Infection control is critical in these situations. You want to understand what each location needs. In some cases, the hospital bed needs to be cleaned, but there are cases when it needs to be cleaned and then disinfected. In more severe instances, the bed needs to be cleaned and then sterilized. Disinfection involves chemicals to kill all potential bacteria on the bed. A mild disinfectant can be used and allowed to sit on the surface for a set amount of time before it is wiped. Sterilization uses heat or chemicals to clean any substances, harmful or not that have been left behind on the bed.

Salon Cleaning

Salon cleaning services are highly specialized and sought after. We have spent a great deal of time, attention, and money on cleanliness over the past year. The only way many businesses could reopen is with a stringent cleaning plan in place. One of the critical types of cleaning business opportunities today is salon cleaning. Keeping a salon clean and free of contaminants requires attention to detail. Salons specialize in providing luxury to their customers. Their customers want to come in and be pampered as well as trust the environment is clean and well maintained. Those running and working in a salon want to focus on their customers and not on cleaning. This is where you can offer top-notch, superior service. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting, a salon may be focused on eco-friendly solutions that are not harmful to their customers or the environment.

Drain Cleaning

Other types of cleaning business opportunities that are highly specialized include drain cleaning services. This service requires the use of special equipment that may fall outside of the standard cleaning equipment you expect a cleaning service to own. A drain cleaning service includes floor drains, storm drains, sewer drains, downspout drains, and all the drains you find in a home. This service includes cleaning all the bathroom sinks, tub, and shower drains. It would also include all the kitchen drains. With time and use, drains begin to move slowly. Grease, soap, detergent, and many other items build up in the drain and clog it or slow it down. A drain cleaning service will cut through all that build-up, wipe it away, and put drains in a much better place. Outdoor drains get clogged and backed up by natural debris and leaves. From time to time, all of these drains need to be cleaned so they can function the way they are supposed to.

Chimney Sweeping

There are some non-traditional types of cleaning business opportunities that you can offer your customers. These options include chimney sweeping that includes cleaning the chimney, cleaning the fireplace, and potentially inspecting the fireplace and chimney. When you use your fireplace, soot can build up in the chimney, which can become a fire hazard. When you are proactively cleaning your fireplace and chimney, you can help prevent the build-up.

Disaster Cleanup

You can offer disaster cleaning and restoration. You will need to have specialized cleaning knowledge and expertise to provide this type of cleaning and restoration. This specialization includes mold remediation, water damage, smoke damage, and fire damage. These conditions need to be treated properly and handled in a specific manner. If they are not, you may cause more damage.

School Cleaning

A few other types of cleaning services that you can offer include school cleaning. School cleaning is a service that is provided specifically to schools, both public and private school. School cleaning consists of the cleaning of desks, tables, and the entire classroom. This service will clean the floors and the bathrooms, and all other surfaces.

Sports Cleaning

Sports cleaning is for buildings that include facilities intended for sports and gyms. Gyms and sports facilities are an area where bacterial grows and spreads. Germs spread quickly in these areas. Often, people do not wipe down the equipment that they use when they are finished with it. These facilities are ideal for cleaning services to make sure they stay clean and germ-free. Cleaning these facilities includes sanitizing all surfaces, floors, and equipment. These cleaning services also clean high-touch surfaces.

Overall Medical Cleaning

Medical cleaning is a type of service that is provided to hospitals and clinics. These places have incredibly stringent protocols and standards for cleanliness. Medical cleaning is another specialized type of clean. It is rigorous to ensure that all the equipment and supplies are cleaned properly. To offer this type of service, you must ensure you are following the appropriate protocols.

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