What is civil litigation?

Complex civil litigation is any type of cases that are considered complex civil cases. In complex litigation a single judge listens to the case from front to back. To be labelled a complex litigation case the litigation will need to involve large amounts of money, numerous parties a lengthy trial or complex legal issues. These are the most common complex litigation cases:

* personal injury litigation
* professional malpractice
* real estate disputes
* insurance coverage disputes
* employment discrimination
* bankruptcy filings
* arbitration
* juvenile courts
* and many others

These cases can be time consuming and costly but if you hire the right legal team you can get in and out of court without too many disruptions. Lawyers and judges that deal with complex civil litigation cases have studied for years to cover all possible outcomes and maintain a certain professionalism other attorneys may not carry. Having the best team cover your case will ensure all the paperwork is done properly, your case is handled with care, and you get in and out quickly. Around 90% of all chapter 11 debtors have no more than $10 million in assets or liabilities, less than $10 million in annual revenues, and 50 or less employees.

In many cases where there are substantial business deals or mergers containing millions of dollars there are stand-by mediation attorneys present to ensure the deal goes down smoothly and all contracts are signed and witnessed accordingly. If you are seeking to borrow large sums of money for business propositions you may require lender liability attorneys to give you the proper legal direction and ensure you understand all of the legal jargon that is spoken while your signing contracts. Complex civil litigation is something that isn’t taken lightly but can help make sense of so much that doesn’t when dealing with the legal system. Formalities and hearings can be a lot for people to understand and having a legal team there to have your back through complex cases is the best way to ensure all goes smoothly.

So whether you are fighting environmental issues, signing business deals, having issues with a partnership or a case including juveniles you could always settle things in a professional manner with complex civil litigation.

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