Why choose modular prefabrication for your construction project?

There are a number of reasons that modular construction is making a splash in the construction industry. They can be used for more than just your average office space and can save time and money in the construction process. Modular construction is growing increasingly popular for hotels. Marriott International has dedicated to modularly construct 13% of its North American projects in 2017.

In-plant modular offices are produced in large warehouses that are dry, secure and don’t have to face any of the elements when constructing outdoors. There is never any kind of weather delays when building in-plant modular offices which saves time and money on construction. Modular buildings are easy to relocate and to build onto. Modular buildings are great for temporary and permanent office space and usually used as workforce housing accommodations, real estate offices, schools, banks, classrooms, medical centres, senior centres, recreational facilities and multiple others. These buildings can all be built up, relocated, and repurposed because they are simple in-plant modular offices.

In-plant modular offices make the perfect sections for storage units, office spaces, warehouse partitions, and other purposes. These smaller buildings are easy to maintain and keep clean because of their size. These small spaces are fantastic for security guards that need office space on sites but can move after the job is done and placed on another site. Small prebuilt spaces that can be placed within other spaces are a great option for quick and easy setup and removal.

In-plant modular offices are built to last for years to come. They require much less safety equipment and permits because they are all made within the same place and then sent off to their new home. The materials used to create in-plant modular offices never get wet or warped from being placed outdoors so they are consistently built the exact same size, shape, and durability. The electrical in the units are put in place within the designated warehouses where they are built before they are placed, this keeps the cost of hiring electricians down as well. By using these prefabricated buildings we are moving forward and saving time and money during the construction process. Flexibility in the construction process will help us build a more sustainable and creative future.

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