Why Prefab Construction is Increasingly Popular

Modular office buildings and prefabricated office space are increasingly popular. There are some great reasons to use prefabricated office spaces or warehouse partitions. Read on to learn more about why!

The Rise in Modular In-Plant Offices

Modular in-plant offices allows a company the flexibility to put in or expand office spaces in warehouses and work floors, but module office space is being used by industries across the board. About 90% of all engineers, 76% of all architects, and 84% of contractors will use some kind of modular building on some of their projects. They are also very popular in the healthcare industry, on colleges for dormitories and other buildings, and in manufacturing facilities. Even hotels are beginning to use modular construction, with the Marriott International brand pledging to make modular 13% of their North American development in 2017.

Modular In-Plant Offices Make For Fast Construction

Between 60% and 90% of the construction on prefabricated offices takes place at the factory before delivery. That means the finished product can be up and running record time compared to traditional construction methods. Recently, a Chinese company doing modular construction built a 57-story building in only 19 days.

Modular In-Plant Offices Are Efficient

Modular construction saves both resources and money. The Building Industry Association of Philadelphia reports in its estimates that modular construction reduces costs by 9% to 20%, depending on the project in question. The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) located in the United Kingdom has found that modular projects result in 90% less waste in things like wood pallets, shrink wrap, cement, brick, timber, concrete, and even cardboard! Finally, the energy consumption required to complete the building process itself is reduced by 67%, and the energy costs of using a modular constructed building are lower than that of traditionally built structures.

Are There Any Other Benefits Once the Module Construction is Built?

It’s all very well to save money and materials when constructing a space, but if that space isn’t useful in the long run, the savings won’t be worth it. Fortunately, modular construction has a lot of benefits in addition to savings in construction costs. It can dramatically improve aesthetics in a work environment, give employees some opportunity for privacy even in a warehouse setting (which has been shown to be good for morale), is easy to adjust or expand, can be custom-made to specifications, and can be ordered in a wide variety of styles and materials.

Can Modular In-Plant Offices Really Work for My Application?

In all likelihood, yes. The FMI’s 2013 survey on Prefabrication and Modularization in Construction discovered that 40% of contractors are now looking at incorporating modular and prefab construction as part of their strategic company initiatives. Not only is modular construction being used effectively across a wide variety of industries; it is also possible to get modular construction that is both permanent and mobile, depending on individual needs and requirements.

Specific construction needs always vary, but modular in-plant offices and warehouse partitions systems are able to meet that wide variety of needs. If you’re in need of space, look into prefab construction suppliers in your area who can help you find just the right answer for your construction needs.

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