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Retention Knobs and Other Small Tools Play Big Roles in Machine Shops

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Retention knob dimensions

Retention knobs, by definition, are knobs that get screwed into the ends of tool holders and work to lock tools in place within the spindle. Though they are quite small, simple, and seem relatively unimportant on their own, they play a valuable role in the machining and manufacturing industries. Without them, tool holders would fail to be as effective and all kinds of tasks could become inaccurate and inefficient. Those problems could cost businesses time and money that simply can’t be wasted in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace. Because of that, every owner should take the time to make sure they are properly using retention knobs and all kinds of other tools, no matter how small, to help ensure efficiency.

One thing that owners wil

What is a Presentation Folder?

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What is a presentation folder

So exactly just what is a presentation folder and what role can they play in your day to day business efforts? From the name, you can probably guess just what is a presentation folder. It is a pocket folder or document folder that can contain paperwork for a presentation. These presentation folders usually have one or two, and sometimes three pockets to help keep papers organized. People who ask what is a presentation folder often mistakenly call them “vanilla folders”, when in fact they should be called manila folders.

Some people often ask what is a presentation folder used for. They have many different uses including being used by companies for conferences, proposals, and all kinds of different presentations. Custom presentation folders or customized Continue Reading No Comments

Differences Between Ocean Liners and Cruise Ships

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Galley pantries marine equipment

Are you a maritime engineer who needs to find the right vessel parts? Whether you need cargo vessel parts or cruise vessel parts and equipment, it is important to keep in mind the specific purpose and functionality of each kind of ship and how that will affect what parts you may need. In any event, however, you’ll probably need to find the right spare part supply.

More specifically, compared with cruise ships, ocean liners designed for international commerce must be constructed more deliberately to deal with difficult storms and other complica