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3 Things to Watch Out for in Every Cooling Tower Systems

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Water cooling tower

Industrial cooling tower systems are used in various manufacturing and production facilities as a heat rejection device. Industrial cooling towers work by rejecting waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Cooling tower manufactures may specialize in a specific type of cooling tower systems too.

There are two main types of cooling towers: closed circuit dry cooling towers and wet, or water cooling towers. These both have specific advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of indust

Combat Fraud With Secure Payment Methods!

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Chargeback protection

Despite the rise of online purchases and e-commerce, credit card fraud is the one thing many people are concerned about. Although it hasn’t stopped online shopping, many people express concern about the safety of their identities and bank accounts, especially since credit card fraud costs the United States almost $8 billion every year. This isn’t great for merchants either, who lose money when fraudulent activity occurs. However, accepting credit cards is nearly expected for a merchant — your revenue will go up, your customer base will expand, and it’ll take less time to swipe a card than count out change. Secure payment solutions and payment processing service protection are certainly forefront in the mind o

Why Choosing Your Sales Team Can Make Or Break Your Business

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Sales job

A solid sales team can make or break a company, whether small or large. The truth is that hiring the wrong person for a sales position can cost you sic to ten time that person’s base salary! Given that there are over 22 million sales people in the U.S, finding one with excellent understanding of sales prospecting techniques and a commitment to the job should not be hard – and yet, companies often find themselves with sales staff who under-perform. Research has shown that only 10% of sales professionals will actually offer return on investment (ROI). In fact, the same research found that 40% will miss quota and as much as 22% are untrainable. So what should you look for in a sales team member? What’s the key to hiring sales people?

Sales is a skill that is often difficult to define. It requires a range of tempe

The Gift That Keeps on Giving Back to the Community and the Environment Why Donations of Clothing Are So Important

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Value of charitable donations

Just about everyone who wasn’t born yesterday has heard the sage, Biblical advice that it is better to give than it is to receive. But what does that really mean? For some people, the thought of being on the receiving end of a gift, a pleasant surprise, or good news is right up there among some of the best feelings in the world! For others, the experience of being in a position to bring joy to another trumps the experience of receiving a gift from someone else. In fact, one could argue that giving a gift that helps another or otherwise brings joy is almost a gift unto itself.

Science has only recently begun to confirm what many people have long thought was true; it truly is better to conceive! Several research studies from a variety of independent sources have indicated that volunteering i

The 4 Step Process to Driveway Design

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Sunken driveways

In a lot of ways, your driveway is the gateway to your home. It’s often one of if not the first thing passerby see. Even if it’s overshadowed by an elaborate walkway or landscaped front yard, your driveway is guaranteed to make a statement about your home. Whether you choose a concrete driveway or pave it with asphalt, if you make a straight shot to the garage doors or meander around a manicured front yard, the design you choose has the potential to greatly affect your home’s curb appeal – - for good or bad.

So how do you design the right driveway for your home? By following these four steps:

  1. Determine the right size and layout

    Step one in planning a driveway is determining your driveway needs and fitting them to the layout of your property. How many cars need to fit o