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How to Choose the Right Document Storage Company for Your Business

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Secure shredding service

Document storage can be a sensitive issue for businesses. For those working in the health industry, state and federal laws dictate the secure handling of patients’ personal information. For other industries, the guidelines may not be set quite so firmly in stone.

Even in today’s digital age, as much as 95% of business information continues to be kept on paper documents. Whatever industry you’re in, chances are you have at least one file cabinet’s worth of paper documents cluttering up your work space. If you’re ready to get them off your hands but can’t throw them out, it’s time to talk to a document storage company.

Document storage companies specialize in the secure storage of paper documents. But not all document storage companies are run the same. The services offered and level of pro

Five Tips for More Efficient Warehouse Operation

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Leasing commercial property

Companies are often under the impression that their distribution warehouse space is functioning to its full capacity, and that as long as everything rolls out on time, it’s fine. However, most warehouse operations could use an update, especially to increase efficiency.

The keys to efficiency are organization, training, and teamwork. Once those are mastered, industrial warehouse space becomes that much more valuable. If you’re looking for a bit of re-organization, here are five tips to help increase your warehouse efficiency.

Profile Your Orders

The most-used SKUs usually change depending on the season, so re-slot your warehouse to accommodate your business model, and review t

Understanding Packaging Options and Clinical Labelling

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All pharmaceutical packaging requires clinical labelling. The information shared with medicine regardless of whether it goes to a hospital, doctor?s office, or straight to the consumer is vitally important. It is the instruction son how to take it. It includes known risks, side effects, what to expect, and other pertinent information.

The clinical labelling needs to be taken into account when deciding the type of packaging to use. Options for packaging include blister packaging, clamshell packs, bottle packaging, pouches, and more. Blister packs separate the individual pills so that each pill remains sealed until use.

Even among blister packs, ther