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What Are Your Credit Card’s Chargeback Terms?

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The photos are amazing. in fact, looking through the pictures of the family vacation earlier this summer can also make you forget the financial debacle that occurred. Almost, but not quite.
The Alaskan vacation had been on your family calendar for almost ten months. It seems that ten months is necessary any more to get your small family of four to commit to traveling together. With one daughter starting high school in a few months and the other daughter starting college, the work, school, and athletic practice schedules are intense. Everyone agreed, however, that a great way to celebrate this last summer with everyone still in the same house was a trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun. With the promise of seeing the longest day of the year in a location that would never turn dark, the f

How to Practice Safe Online Shopping

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Most people have experienced online shopping at some point. Some people do not enjoy it, preferring to shop for their necessary items in a store, while others solely rely on the convenience of online shopping. Many customers enjoy the ability of shopping at home, looking for items without having to get up from their couch and then waiting for them to be delivered to their front doorstep, without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. Although online shopping has provided customers with a convenient and simple shopping process, customers still need to practice care and safety when purchasing items over the internet.

Global E Commerce sales generate $931,490 every 30 seconds through desktop sales and $269,683 through mobile devices. These numbers show just how prevalent an

Ensure Success in Your Business — Hire the Right Sales People

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If you own a business, you are likely to be no stranger to the vital importance sales people carry for the progress of your business and its long term goals. Businesses create products and services that they believe would make a difference in the market, but it is often down to the sales team to ensure that these products and services reach the end user and bring in that much needed revenue. Walking on a sales career path is not easy, and people who make a difference need to have certain very particular characteristics to be successful in this field. To ensure that your company does well consistently, you need to know exactly how to hire sales people. If you really want your sales

The Importance of Technology in Child Care Centers

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Child care is an incredibly rewarding job. Less than 33% of all children today have a full-time, stay at home parent, so it is crucial you make the parents feel comfortable in their decision to send their child to you. In total, there are 32.7 million children in daycare arrangements, and since families spend almost eight percent of their disposable income on child care, it is important to stand out among the crowd of other day care providers.

And technology can help you do just that. Here are some ways implementing technology in your child care business can be extremely successful.

A Professional Website
When a parent is searching for a reputable establishment, chances are they will go straight to the Internet to find what they are looking for. So make sure your website is full of quick, easy to read information with many graphics. You will want to show your company’s personality and commitment to teaching and learning as well.

Social Media
Make sure you have a Facebook account and an Instagram so parents will be able to keep up with what their children are doing during the day. Also, having conversations with parents and having many relevant posts will up your credibility and get potential parents interested in what you have to offer.

Parent Testimonials
It is no easy task for a parent to put their child in child care. They will want to make sure you will be able to offer their child a quality education and a warm environment. Nothing will help you convince them that you are the right person for the job than parent testimonials. Written by former parents and published on both your website and social media accounts, these will speak louder than any advertising material you could use.

Child Care management software
It can be hectic collecting daycare payments, keeping attendance, and maintaining open communication with parents. So investing in a management system will streamline all of these factors into one easy to use application that will leave you with fewer headaches!

Looking to create a childhood mobile strategy? Contact Kangarootime, and our team of experts will help you with all your needs!

We Have to Be Aware of Where Our Donations Are Going

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Donations of clothing, though having many benefits, can often provide other parts of the world with some serious issues. Donating clothing rather than throwing them away is certainly better for the environment, as donated clothes do not end up in garbage bags which eventually end up in landfills. But some donations of clothing that go from America to other places like India actually cause some problems that most people are unaware of.

According to The Wall Street Journal, India receives many of America’s donations of clothing, often for a price cheaper than what their workers can produce.

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