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What’s the Best Equipment for Fall Protection?

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Fall protection system

When it comes to safety and fall protection on the job site, OSHA itself provides just three simple guidelines: plan, provide, and train.

Of course, the details are a little more involved than that. When it comes to the “providing” stage, here’s the all of the fall protection equipment you may need:

  • Harness
    When you have workers at heights, they should be wearing a full body harness that is properly fitted. People come in all different shapes and sizes, of course, which is why OSHA recommends testing fall arrest systems at a weight of 300 pounds to account for everyone.
  • Netting
    Safety nets are also a good idea, especially for potential fall distances greater than 25 feet, or where scaffolding and temporary floors are not in use.
  • Connecting Device
    A fixed