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Boost Business Growth With RFPs

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Government contract accounting

A lot goes into running a successful business. To remain successful, business often needs to seek out new ways to add growth to their companies. Whether that rests in purchasing and installing new systems and software, like pricing software, proposal management software, rfp management software, or even considering acquiring a government contract, there are many ways businesses can grow.

RFPs are one great way for a company to grow and are often used by companies who have a product or service that other companies can benefit from. For example, many technology companies apply for things like a government contract by submitting carefully written RFPs and ultimately end u

What Are Steel Containers Used For And How Can They Help Me Save Money In My Business?

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Container pool

Interested in new shipping containers for sale? If not, you may want to consider learning about the benefits of the mobile office. A space is designed, first and foremost, to function to the furthest of its ability. It’s a way to encourage productivity in an increasingly cramped and busy modern environment. Shipping containers, as a result, have risen in popularity for their unique ability to add flexibility on top of basic form and function, able to be customized at the drop of a hat and fill a variety of needs.

What Are Shipping Containers Used For?

Think this a common question? Think again. Shipping containers, naturally, are used to distribute and protect a wealth of goods across both th

6 Reasons to Promote Your Brand with a Direct Mail Campaign

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If you’re thinking of ways to spread the word about your business, you may want to consider a direct mail campaign. The reason for this is simple, it works according to the Direct Marketing Association, the response rates for direct mail can be better is 20 times that from newspaper advertising, nearly 19 times better than what you would get with the radio advertising add a whopping 47 times better the television advertising. If you go with a print and mail services company, you can develop a direct marketing campaign that is both cost effective and will effectively raise brand awareness for your business. Here are some reasons to use direct Mail marketing:

  1. You can get a highly targeted list. When you go with a professional Continue Reading No Comments

Secure Payment Systems Help You Shop with Confidence

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Merchant chargeback protection

A fairly new website that offers creatively designed socks in sizes for both men and women.
A wildly popular, and relatively expensive, yoga store that sells both clothing and mats.
A watch store that features the latest trends in wrist wear.
A make website that offers daily holiday deals on makeup, hair care products, and styling appliances.
How is your Christmas shopping going?
If you are like many Americans, you may be making as many online purchases as you are in store purchases. And while the two methods for gift buying can seem very different from one another, in reality they are very similar when it comes to the payment gateway services tha