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How to Improve Display Stands to Increase Sales

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display standsWith so many different forms of advertising aimed directly at the consumer, it can be hard to find which type of ad will perform better. One would think that online shopping is taking over the industry, but a savvy shopper will make almost 82% of their decisions to buy in-store. So the right display stands can largely impact the conversion rate of shoppers, and could even get them to buy more.

Consumers are bombarded with around 3,000 ads and promotions each day, so it’s no wonder that consumers have gone ad numb. Everyone has gone into a store with no actual intentions of making a purchase, it’s just what consumers do. It’s unintentional research. A shopper will walk into a store to pick things up and check their price tags to see if they can get a better deal elsewhere. The trick is to keep them in-house, to convert that shopper into a consumer. Engaging signage is the direct key to not only drawing sales in the door, but keeping them there. Whether it’s a window sign holder with “blowout sale” written in bold letters, about 16% of impulse purchases are the direct result of display stands the consumer saw while shopping.

However, using display stands doesn’t necessarily mean a sale or price reduction. In fact, just having merchandise marked with any sign, even a simple flyer stand, dramatically increases the purchasing rate. A study from Brigham Young University showed that merchandise with a sign significantly outsold sign-less merchandise by almost 20%. That means merchandise with the simplest of signage, even just holders for price tags, will sell better than unmarked merchandise.

Having the right signage goes beyond retail consumerism in the material sense. Even places where conversion rates are already high due to the specialized nature of the product, such as a deli or a hospital, need display stands to increase awareness of products and services that aren’t necessarily mainstream or right in front of them. Someone might go to the deli for some sliced ham, but if they see a display that tells them they can get marbled brisket at a reduced price, they might be more inclined to pick some up.

In every retail location, signage should be apparent and coherent. Whether it’s for a big sale or simply brand labeling, merchandise with signage performs better than merchandise without.

What You Need To Know About Permit Services

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For many building projects, permit services are essential to be able to proceed in a timely fashion. Permit services must be budgeted into any building expense, as getting a permit for a contractor can cost as much as $400. For filing a project, costs can be as much as $3000 or even more, ranging up to $3,500. However, permit services do not always need to have such potentially prohibitive costs. They can cost as little as $100, but pricing tends to depend on locality and size as well as the value and type of work that is intended to be completed. Permit services can include permit expediting services, often involving the work of a permit expeditor. This may tend to cost more, but it can help to move the project along more quickly.

Permit services are particularly important for residential buil