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Fire Alarm Systems and Automatic Sprinklers An Effective Combination to Protect Your Commercial and Residential Buildings

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It’s important for all commercial and residential buildings to contain both fire alarm systems and automatic sprinklers. When a combination of these systems are used, there is an increased chance that injuries, fatalities, and property damage can be greatly reduced. Recent data shows that this can be as much as 50% or more.

While non-structural and structural fires can occur in a variety of situations, high-rise fires are particularly challenging. Apartment buildings, hotels, offices, and medical facilities are all types of high-rise properties that can experience fires. Non-confined fires in hospitals are often due to electrical malfunctions. These account for about 19% of the fires that occur in these types of facilities. Hotel and motel fires, for example, occur every year. As a result, approximately 150 people sustain injuri

What Maritime Litigation Deals With

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The Earth consists of more water than by land and these numbers are not even close. As a result, large bodies of water are utilized in many aspects of business and profit. This includes shipping cargo, drilling into the ocean, and even using the water for the Navy and other army forces. Here are the some of the facts that surround maritime litigation.

Maritime litigation specifically deals with disputes in water such as potential injuries and the carrying of goods and products. So if there is a shipping accident or cargo is lost, this is where maritime litigation will come into play. As a result, talented lawyers need to help with contract disputes, corporate compliance, environmental law, and much more.

Approximately 90% of all chapter 11 debtors have less than $10 million in assets or liabilities, less than $10 million in annual revenues, and 50 or fewer employees. This is a sentence t

Facts On Green Eco-Friendly Signs

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According to recent statistics, just about 70% of consumers indicated that the quality of a businesses’ sign reflects the quality of the business. This is a big deal because experts inside of the advertising world all agree that signs are a sure-fire way to increase traffic for a business. However, the difference between good banners and green eco friendly signs, and bad display boards and green eco friendly signs can mean the difference between success and failure!

For many businesses, their main focus is expanding the range of customers they attract. Understand that 85% of companies’ customers live within a 5-mile radius of the business. Those customers are likely to see the signage for that business 50 or more times a week. However, it is important for businesses to expand and reach out to new customers. Here is how this can be done through green eco friendly signs:

There have been plenty of studies conducted around custom Continue Reading No Comments

Inside the Machine: How Do Dairy Pumps Work?

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It’s easy to take a swig from the milk carton in your fridge without a second thought. But have you ever wondered how that product went from cow to carton and into your home? If you answered yes, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll take you inside the machine to learn about the technology behind modern dairy production.

All About Milk

Before we dive into the specifics of dairy pumping technology, let’s review a few basic stats about the dairy industry:

  • Dairy farmers in the U.S. produces almost 212 billion pounds of milk in 2016 alone.
  • The average dairy cow produces 6.3 gallons of milk in a day.
  • From 2001 to 2009, the number of U.S. dairy operations fell from 97,460 to 65,000.


What Are Dairy Pumps?

Now, we get into the technology. As the name suggests, dairy pumps are the physical devices dairy farms use to extract milk from a cow’s udders. These pumps are essential to the way dairy farming currently operates. Unfortunately, they represent an estimated 80% of energy used in dairy operations! However, solutions are available. Tools like variable frequency drives (also known as variable speed frequency drives and variable speed drives) can help lower energy consumption and actually reduce the noise that pumping produces in a dairy shed.

How Do Dairy Pumps Work?

First and foremost, we know that dairy pumps exist to help extract milk. But the entire system is actually made up of several different components that all help perform essential functions. Let’s take a look at a few of these components to see how they affect the dairy pumping process.

Pump - As far as the pump component itself goes, there is one primary function: removing air to create a vacuum. Without this vacuum, pumping milk would not only take longer, it would be far less efficient.

Vacuum Regulator - Of course, a total vacuum isn’t ideal for milk production. That’s why a regulator system exists! If a vacuum reaches a certain pressure threshold, this device will let air in or out to maintain a stable environment.

Pulsator System - When milking by hand, farmers must perform pulsing hand motions to coax milk from a cow’s udders. With the help of 3 phase and single phase motors, this device helps simulate those actions.

With any luck, this will have answered your question of “how do dairy pumps work?” For more information on variable speed drives and single phase motors, contact our team today.

The Future Of Crop Production Is In Hydroponics Farming

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From leaf trimmers to econo wing reflectors, there are many tools necessary for a successful hydroponics operation. However, hydroponics systems represent a step towards the future for the growth of plants and herbs and has been proven to be successful for many industries. Though to start up a hydroponics operation you will need to make purchases of things like leaf trimmers and air force pumps, your hydroponics operation will be well worth the initial costs on things like leaf trimmers.

Hydroponics solutions have proven to be effective for a number of industries that require the growth of crops, as it is a highly efficient way of growing and producing crops. For instance, up to four times as many crops can be grown in a hydroponics operation than by more traditional methods – using the same amount of space. Hydroponic operations can grow crops in a significantly more environmentally friendly and less cost intensive way, as traditional soil farming has been found to use up to nine

Why Temp Agencies Matter

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Staffing agency

Every single year there are businesses that will suffer severe losses because they fail to identify and properly handle the human resources aspect of their business. This is, unfortunately, something that people end up doing each year. Business owners would be wise to benefit from the hard work of temp agencies, staffing companies, job placement agencies, and recruiting agencies.

One fact that points to the success of human resources deal with the process of hiring employees and training employees. This stat revealed that all new hires that undergo a structured onboarding program are going to be 58% more likely to stay with the said company after a three-year span. So this is one of the ways in which a human resources program can really help a business succeed.

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Why Anniversaries Call For Special Gifts

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Wedding anniversary gifts

Celebrating the special occasions in life is important. Many people look forward to their wedding day, knowing it’s something that will live in their hearts forever. But there’s no reason not to forget this special day long after it has passed. Marking anniversaries with traditional anniversary gifts have long been a tradition that many folks continue to practice-both with themselves and their friends and family. From that very first year to a traditional 15th anniversary gift, here’s why it’s important to remember the special years of marriage.

It Makes Gift Giving Easier

For those that run out of wedding anniversary

Why Climate Controlled Storage Units Are So Beneficial

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climate controlled storageConsidering one out of every 10 Americans say they rent offsite storage units, they’re the perfect place to keep all of the things that you simply don’t need at the moment. For example, if you’re a homeowner and it’s June, you probably don’t need any Christmas decorations. Keeping them in a storage unit gets them out of the way until you need them and makes room for other necessities.

While storage units are fairly common, what about a climate controlled storage facility? Climate controlled storage units are used much the same way as ordinary storage units, and come with many different benefits. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Perfect for Storing Wooden Items

Did you know that extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, can actually damage wood products? For example, when wood freezes and then thaws, it can warp, weaken, split, and crack. If you have things such as an antique chest or wooden furniture that you don’t need in your home or office at the moment, make sure you’re storing in a climate controlled unit to prevent them from getting damaged or completely destroyed.

No More Discoloration

Heat and cold will not only impact wooden items, they will also do a number on fabric, leather, and other cloth garments. Unfortunately, if any type of fabric is exposed to direct heat or direct sunlight, it can often get discolored or yellow. A climate controlled storage unit is perfect to prevent your clothes or precious fabrics from getting ruined.

Clean and Comfortable

Climate controlled storage units are typically cleaner than a regular storage unit. Since the climate controlled units are able to prevent hot weather or cold weather from entering the space, they can also prevent a lot of dust and dirt from getting inside. This makes these units the perfect type storage for clothes and other important documents or memorabilia.

When choosing a storage rental, you need to decide what you’re going to keep in it. If you’re going to be storing things that shouldn’t be in the extreme cold or heat, a climate controlled unit is the best option for you.