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Trade Careers Offer an Avenue to Many Great Paying Jobs

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The school year is beginning again in many places across the country and it should come as no surprise that a number of students and their parents are focused on high school schedules that are full of Advanced Placement classes that will look great on a college application. And while you may not be surprised about the increased number of students thinking about a four year degree, you likely should be concerned about the decreased number of students who are looking at pursuing a career in the trades. In fact, this country needs more of the brightest and most talented and driven students to change their vision from a four year college degree which comes with lots of debt to a two year trade school certification that comes with immediate jobs and high salaries.
In a time when the nation continues to be focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers, it is es

Modular Construction The New Way To Build

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Modular Construction: The New Way To Build

Modular construction companies now offer complete office solutions for small businesses, growing ones or those wanting to save money on overhead. Modular methods allow for speedier construction times while still maintaining quality. FMI’s 2013 Prefabrication and Modularization in Construction Survey found that 40% of contractors considered their prefab and modular construction capabilities to be part of their company’s strategic initiative.

Modular Construction Is The Future of Construction

Modular constructions reduce energy consumption during the building process by around 67% and reduce energy costs later on for occupants. A report by the Building Industry Association of Philadelphia estimates that going modular can reduce construction cost by 9% to 20%. According to the UK-based Waste and Resources Action Programme, modular construction can