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Preparing for Your First Private Jet Charter

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A private jet flight is a perfect way to get you and your employees out of the office. A 2009 survey found that employees felt 20% more productive on a private flight than in their own workplace. That being said, certain people have never experienced what it’s like to fly on a private jet. Don’t worry, even the most experienced flyers had to take their first flight at some point. Considering that, here are four tips for your first private jet flight.

  • Book Private Jet Charter in Advance

    An important aspect of getting ready for a flight is avoiding stress. With that in mind, it’s wise to book private jet charters in advance. Understandably, you’ll have situations in which you aren’t given much time to prepare. However, it’s important to remember that certain aircraft might be more popular than others. For instance, many business professionals prefer flying in Gulfstream executive charters. By booking a Gulfstream executive charter as soon as possible, y