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How to plan a funeral

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Every milestone of life has its own distinct period of remembrance and celebration. We celebrate birthdays, for example, at least as much as we celebrate births themselves. We also celebrate weddings as two people joining together in relationships for the rest of their lives and we celebrate anniversaries as living celebratory bonds of these vows. But there is one final event that we often push to the back of this milestone list, one that most people would rather not think about on a day to day basis. Funerals aren’t typically thought of as fun to think about but that doesn’t mean they aren’t every bit as important as birthdays or weddings. There is no way to avoid the fact that funerals are sad and difficult for people but, at their best, funerals are to celebrate lives and friendships of the loved ones who have passed on. They don’t need to be explicitly celebratory but that doesn’t mean they can’t contain a lot of fond memories as well as difficult ones. But how does one plan a fune