3 Undeniable Benefits of Having Speed Bumps Installed

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In today’s society, where far too many people have the need for speed, there’s an increased need for speed bumps. Speed bumps play a crucial role in keeping people safe, both drivers and pedestrians. Unfortunately, business owners often think that speed bumps are only meant for roads or heavy-traffic areas. But concrete speed bumps can be extremely beneficial in commercial parking lots and commercial entrances, too. To encourage you to have speed bumps installed where they’re most needed, let’s explore a few benefits they can offer.


Cars slow down: Obviously, the biggest benefit speed humps can offer is that they force vehicles to drive slower. All too often, cars speed through parking lots. This can not only increase noise from vehicles, but it can also put other drivers’ and pedestrians’ safety at risk. If cars are speeding through your parking lot, they risk hitting a person or another car. So when speed bumps are implemented, these drivers are forced to slow down and drive safely.


Less traffic congestion: Drivers tend to speed or cut through in areas that they know don’t have any speed bumps or stop signs. This can quickly lead to increased traffic, which is not always great in a business parking lot. Fortunately, speed bumps can help prevent this. With the right pavement services and careful selection of concrete speed bumps, business owners can rest assured that the traffic in their parking lot will be controlled. People won’t unnecessarily cut through or speed, making the parking lot a safer and easier place to drive and walk when needed.


Customers are safer: Another key benefit speed bumps can offer is that pedestrians, including customers and company staff, will be safer. Walking through a parking lot that drivers tend to speed through can be extremely dangerous for pedestrians. But when speed bumps are installed, customers can rest assured that they’ll be safe walking through the parking lot. If needed, speed bumps can even work with crosswalk areas to promote further safety for those walking throughout the parking lot.


As of 2017, the U.S. paving industry employed 284,626 people throughout 195,603 businesses, which means you should have no trouble finding a pavement company to install your concrete speed bumps. With the right speed bumps installed, business owners can have peace of mind knowing everyone in their parking lot, both drivers and pedestrians, will be better off.

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