Where Did My Energy Go? If You Have Trouble Walking, You Should Get Tested for Heart Disease

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As you get older, you should make sure to take the time to check in with your doctor about your overall health. You should also check in with yourself: how do I feel today? Do I have enough energy to complete all of my tasks? We are a sedentary nation: we drive to work, we sit for eight hours or more, and then we drive home. We sit in front of our computers and our televisions, and we do not take enough time to do outdoor activities. More Americans than ever are going hiking and camping, and there are more than 40 million active gardeners who wait for the spring thaw every year. We are also eating more fast food than ever before and we need to make more of an effort to spend time outside.

In the course of our lifetimes, we will eat fast food more than 1,500 times. Some people never go