Protecting Your Hotel From the Flames How to Prevent Fire, Death, and Property Loss

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Large buildings like high rise apartments, offices, and hotels are modern marvels of engineering that are able to house hundreds of visitors in comfort. Of course, with more people you have more potential for chaos as limitless factors could lead to property damage or even a fire. In fact, there are four property classes that account together for over half of all high rise fires: apartments, hotels, offices, and facilities that care for the sick. Hotel and motel fires alone cause an estimated 14 deaths and 150 injuries every year and property damages that result in an accumulated $76 million every year. Hotels are obligated to provide a safe experience for their guests, this is why many hotels invest in the most advanced means to combat and prevent fires.

Understanding the Nature of Fi

5 Essential Fire Protection Services a Business Must Use

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Fire alarm repair atlanta

According to Gartner Group, facilities that safeguard data centers and organizational information spend up to $149 billion per year on this task. This simply implies that companies are investing significantly in protecting what matters a lot to their operations and growth. Imagine such important data is lost on a quite unfortunate day when your building catches fire. This is a valid reason to fret but it can be prevented by using proper fire protection services.

1. Fire Alarm Monitoring

For a large building, having a third party to monitor your alarm systems make sense. In this case, you are confident that a responsible party is accountable for your alarm system 24/7. With your fire alarm system linked to you