Hospital Stays Come with Long Lists of Medical Claims and Insurance Filings

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Your daughter went out of the hospital for the first time in three and a half months. Half of her occupational therapy today was going to a local restaurant with this therapists. She has recently figured out how to work the brakes on her chair, so partway through lunch when she felt finished, she took off her brakes and tried to wheel herself to the door to leave.
This act of defiance was somewhat refreshing after some very bleak days of only getting nourishment through a feeding tube. The medical team have taken her off of all daytime feeding through her tube. She does, however, get some calories through the tube at night. She is now eating the smallest of cheeseburgers and other kinds of real food in large enough quantities that the nutritionists are no longer as worried.
The medical claims for all of these services, of course, are nearly as overwhelming as the accident itself. The driver who crossed the median, careened into your family’s car, and changed your life walked aw