The Most Common Blow Molding Processes

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Custom plastic container

Blow molding is used in many industries today. In fact, many of the items that you pick up from the local grocery store were created with blow molding techniques. Additionally, there are many different methods of blow molding and each of the techniques is important in creating a plastics product that is customized and fit for its storage purpose. These are some of the most common types of blow molding.

Standard blow molding process

The standard blow molding process is the generic design process. It does not include the extras that many of the other techniques do. This results in the most basic of plastics products and containers. In comparison to the extrusion blow molding process, for example, you are left with generic industrial plastic bottles, without any unique designs. A sta

Three Reasons Why Plastic Cylinder Bottles Are So Popular

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Plastic jars

Plastic cylinder bottles are commonly used all across the United States. In fact, the plastics industry has at least one million workers, and is a crucial component to the economy, contributing over $300 billion. As far as manufacturing goes, plastics is considered the third largest industry in the country. When it comes it making plastic bottles, why are they so popular? Here are three reasons why plastic blow molding companies are important and needed within the economy.

Plastic Bottles Containers Provide Many Different Uses

When people think of plastic bottle containers, they often envision commonly used products, such as plastic cylinder bottles for so