Ensure Success in Your Business — Hire the Right Sales People

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If you own a business, you are likely to be no stranger to the vital importance sales people carry for the progress of your business and its long term goals. Businesses create products and services that they believe would make a difference in the market, but it is often down to the sales team to ensure that these products and services reach the end user and bring in that much needed revenue. Walking on a sales career path is not easy, and people who make a difference need to have certain very particular characteristics to be successful in this field. To ensure that your company does well consistently, you need to know exactly how to hire sales people. If you really want your sales

Why Choosing Your Sales Team Can Make Or Break Your Business

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A solid sales team can make or break a company, whether small or large. The truth is that hiring the wrong person for a sales position can cost you sic to ten time that person’s base salary! Given that there are over 22 million sales people in the U.S, finding one with excellent understanding of sales prospecting techniques and a commitment to the job should not be hard – and yet, companies often find themselves with sales staff who under-perform. Research has shown that only 10% of sales professionals will actually offer return on investment (ROI). In fact, the same research found that 40% will miss quota and as much as 22% are untrainable. So what should you look for in a sales team member? What’s the key to hiring sales people?

Sales is a skill that is often difficult to define. It requires a range of tempe