Why Home Water Testing is Important When Purchasing a New House

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Water testing kits

There are a lot of components to inspect when moving into a new house. Although an inspection is a pretty inclusive service that gives you information about your house?s appliances, structure, and electrical, it often does not include a water quality analysis. You will use your new house?s water for many things including cleaning, drinking, and bathing. It is important to understand what is in your water.

At home water quality kits

You can initially test your new house?s water quality with at home water kits. These home water kits measure a variety of water components including Continue Reading No Comments

How To Learn About The Quality Of Your Drinking Water

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Water testing kits

How often do you think about the quality of the water you drink, use to bathe, or use on the job? If you work in an industrial, commercial, or medical lab industry then your answer may be quite a bit. The good news is that in recent years there have been products designed and made available to the public, like water quality testing kits, that can help teach people the importance of good water quality. Here are a few things you can test with water quality kits:

1. Water Resistivity Measurement - Did you know that some water is so low in quality that it can actually conduct an electric current? That measurement is known as a water’s conductivity. The opposite of that, or the ability for that water to resist electrical currents, is the water resistivity measurement. High quality water is