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Software plays a very important role in almost every facet of a company’s business in today’s world. One of those facets has to do with Environmental Health and Safety functions. If your company has compliance software, its ability to make sure that it meets the standards and practices for your industry are greatly increased.

Relying on employees to communicate non-compliance in these areas may not be the most efficient way to ensure that the company is meeting its expectations. Employees are often hesitant to report on non-compliance issues. Of employees surveyed, 45% of them said that they have a great deal of difficulty reporting environmental issues to their peers or supervisors. This might be for any number of reasons, but feeling that they might be in danger of losing their jobs is probably one of them.

The flip side of the token finds that at least 75% of employees have a very strong desire to feel safe in the place in which they work. Environmental health and safety management is very important to an employee who comes to work every day to a location where environmental regulatory compliance is an everyday issue. This is why compliance software can play such an important role in the function of a company.

In a recent poll, 72% of employees did not know much about their company’s EHS policies or function. At the same time, over half of the employees cared about their company’s water and energy conservation plans, as well as their recycling efforts and trash management. Compliance solutions, whatever they might be, matter a great deal to many employees, even if their job is not directly affected by those matters.

When it comes to people who have a stake in a company but are not employees, many of them have the same types of concerns. Water and waste regulatory compliance, as well as risk management solutions, concern people like shareholders as well as employees. As high as 76% of executives say that it is sustainability that contributes positively to shareholder value. While this might be seen as a long-term value gain, many seen it as a short-term gain, as well.

Compliance software is a tool that can measure the sustainability of a company, tracking its practices as the days, years , and months go by. When a company is using best practices, it is assuring those that work for it as well as those who have invested in it that taking steps toward leaving a legacy of stewardship of our planet is of value.

Employees who feel safe coming to work and comfortable that their company is leaving a soft footprint will work for the furthering of the company’s success. This is good for them, good for the executives, and good for the shareholders, as well. Compliance software is designed to keep a company on track in many different areas. Leaving EHS concerns up to a single team or group of people without the proper technology can only lead to disaster. If not soon, then definitely down the line.

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