Popular Events to Plan From Conferences to Trade Shows

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Party and event planning can be a fun and rewarding activity. Given this, it’s not surprising that there are quite a few people within the United States who are employed within this industry. A recent count revealed that in the United States, this amounts to approximately 134,000 individuals. When it comes to planning an event, it makes a difference when organizers have an effective team and everything that they need to orchestrate their event.

Popular Types of Events

Conferences are at the top of the list for the most-popular events to plan. A recent survey found that 62.4% of conference organizers responded that this was the case for them. Corporate events are in second place, with 61.2% of organizers indicating these were their most popular type of event. Other types of events, such as team-building retreats, are also popular to plan.

Trade shows can also be popular with organizers and participants alike. It’s important to note that trade shows have demonstrated their effectiveness as a valuable marketing tool. According to 99% of marketers, trade show exhibits have provided a unique value. Furthermore, these types of events have proven to be more effective than other marketing mediums. One of the reasons for this tends to be due to the wealth of opportunities for communicating directly with other participants and attendees.

Event Planning Challenges

Event planners may face a few challenges from time-to-time. In addition to scheduling the date, finding just the right venue to hold an event may also be challenging. According to recent survey results, however, budget and resources management were reported as the most significant challenges for 39% of event planners.

Black Stanchions and Other Special Event Supplies

There are a variety of supplies that you will need to ensure that your event is a success. In addition to needing a black stanchion or two to delineate waiting lines, you may be interested to know that these are available in different styles. Black retractable belt stanchions, for example, may be preferred to other types of stanchions. Ceiling drapes or backdrops may also be on your list. Once you contact a representative, you will be able to discuss your requirements in greater detail. At that time, a representative can also provide you with ideas and recommendations.

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