Structural Carbon Fiber A High-Performance Material

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Structural carbon fiber is used in a variety of industries, which includes aerospace, engineering, product manufacturing, and construction. Over the years, structural carbon fiber has undergone a significant amount of research and development in order to create a variety of parts, products, and structures.

A Brief Overview of High-Performance Carbon Fibers

Carbon fibers were initially created using a rayon precursor. These were the first carbon fibers that were demonstrated to provide a peak performance. PAN-based carbon fibers are currently used because they provide both strength and stiffness. In terms of strength, these fibers can withstand as much as 1,000 KSI, which increases their demand for a variety of purposes that require both strength and stiffness.

It’s also important to note that carbon fiber composites are stronger than steel. Recent data shows that these fiber composites are about ten times as strong as their steel counterparts. Another benefit is that carbon fiber composites also weigh less then steel, which increases their versatility for a long list of finished products.

How Carbon Fiber Is Created

Carbon fibers are just slightly wider than spider silk, with a diameter of about five to ten microns. In order to create these fibers, approximately 90% are composed of polyacrylonitrile. Rayon or petroleum pitch comprise the remaining ten percent of these carbon fibers.

Composite Materials Market Forecast

The composite materials market is growing. Forecasts indicate that by 2023, its value will be about $38 billion. One of the reasons for this projected growth is due to the versatility and strength of these materials. According to Mordor Intelligence, composite materials are being used throughout end-user industries. This includes providing structural reinforcements in areas that experience earthquakes along with buildings, bridges, and other types of infrastructure.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturing and Other Services

There are a variety of services that may be of benefit to your enterprise for current, ongoing, and/or future projects. In addition to composite technical services, for example, here is a brief list of other available services:

  • Carbon fiber prototype developing
  • Carbon fiber prototype crafting
  • Carbon fiber prototype testing

    • Once you speak with a representative, you can discuss your project specifications and learn more information that may assist you with developing and manufacturing your products. If you’re working on a project that requires custom carbon fiber manufacturing, then you will be able to discuss this as well.

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