The Benefits of Green Cleaning

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Here’s a disturbing number: only 30% of the 17,000 petrochemicals available for home and office use have been tested for exposure to the environment and human health. Why is that so disturbing? Because exposure to carcinogenic chemicals, which can be found in many household cleaning products, contribute to the 80% of cancers that are caused by environmental factors. Chemical cleaning products also contribute to indoor air pollution levels that can be as much as 100 times higher than the air pollution levels found outdoors. In fact, our indoor environments are also two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment.

Imagine, the air in your own home or office being five times more toxic than the outside air. How clean really is clean? For all these reasons, many people are investing in environmentally friendly, green cleaning.

Many of the ingredients found in green cleaners are things you may already have in your cupboards at home. Making green cleaning affordable and safe to do on your own. There are also many types of green cleaning services that offer home and office cleaning services. These services use only green products, which can be good for your health and the environment, adding to the benefits of green cleaning.

What are the benefits of green cleaning at home or the office?

5 Reasons to Clean Green:

1. Health. Green cleaning products will not put you, your family, or your co-workers at risk. The products that you use do not contain any hazardous chemicals or carcinogens that can cause headaches, coughing and skin irritation.

2. Safety. Having products around the house that contain such harmful chemicals can be a safety issue. Removing these products from the home and replacing them with green cleaners make them safe for your children and animals, giving you peace of mind.

3. Environment. Green products are non-toxic, derived from natural ingredients, and contain no chemicals that can be damaging to the environment.
4. Air Quality. Many cleaning products come with terrible odors. Green products often offer more pure, less strong scents, making the air both safe and pleasant.
5. Cost. Cleaning green can cost a lot less than other expensive alternatives. Items like lemon and vinegar can be purchased for very little expense while providing wonderful cleaning results.

Green cleaning is a great way to clean your home or office space with products that you can trust to do the job safely and effectively. Next time you clean, consider the benefits of green cleaning. See more.

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