Worker Concentration Issues Are Costing Businesses Billions The Benefits Of Soundproof Office Design

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A simple distraction once in a while might not seem like much in the long term. When it comes to the future of your business, however…it might just be the one thing standing between you and progress.

A distracted employee is a frustrated employee. Frustrated employees, try as they might, will still reflect poorly when it comes to performance and customer service. When your customers aren’t happy with your business, it’s a matter of diminishing returns. When you learn how to soundproof an office room so your workers aren’t constantly distracted you take power into your hands. How does it work, exactly?

When you build a phone booth you build potential. It’s time to look at the hidden issues that plague modern businesses and keep them from being the success stories they deserve.

Worker Concentration Is The Backbone Of A Smooth Business

You might think business success revolves mainly around marketing. Unsurprisingly, a significant chunk of your revenue just comes from a smooth, uninterrupted work day. Distractions are an expensive element to sprinkle throughout any industry…and even more so when you multiply it by dozens or hundreds of employees. Concentration issues include being interrupted from a task, failing to focus on a task, and being stressed due to a lack of information. Phone booth office design can either be conducive to concentration or a liability.

Human Error Can Become A Very Costly Side-Effect

The margin for human error is not entirely avoidable. People will always make mistakes. How many mistakes depends on their environment and how it’s constructed to suit their needs. Soundproofing an office has been found to lower work errors by as much as 10%. It can also do a lot to cut into employee stress and improve overall worker concentration — recent studies suggest this can be as high as 30% and 50%, respectively.

Customers Are Already Treading A Thin Line With Today’s Businesses

Now’s a good time to learn how to soundproof an office room. Customers today are becoming increasingly fed up with poor customer service and are pickier than ever. Nearly 75% of the American workforce (that’s 100 million people) are ‘knowledge workers’ — this means workers who function primarily in office or studio environments. Unwanted noise remains the number one complaint among hotel guests, according to a recent study. Another survey found 35% of American respondents stating they’d switch companies after just one instance of poor service.

Repeat Business Is Contingent On Satisfying First Impressions

As seen above, repeat business will be little more than a dream unless you switch things up. The biggest reason people don’t like calling companies today is not being able to speak to a real person. Even if they speak to a real person, constant background noise can make even basic questions a chore to get through. Today the soundproof paint market is hovering at $200 million, expected to grow between 30% and 50% over the next few years. Imagine how many more customers you could attract by buffing out these weak spots.

The Soundproof Office Booth Solves Several Problems At Once

You have workers that are tired of constantly being jerked out of their concentration. You also have customers who might outright switch companies due to a poor first impression. Learning how to soundproof an office room goes a long way in keeping everyone on the same page. American companies lose over $60 billion every year due to poor customer service and these figures are expected to hold steady unless action is taken. All you have to do is look into a phone booth office space that’s designed to be ergonomic and comfortable.

There’s a lot of potential just waiting to be grabbed. Learn how to soundproof an office room this year and watch things improve from the ground up.

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