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What are the Objective of Employee Retention Systems?

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Employee retention program

According to the February 7, 2014 edition of the Washington Post the U.S. unemployment rate fell to “only” 6.6% during January. Even though this seems like a vast improvement from what it was five years ago, more jobs does not mean that every working American is doing well enough to support their families and pay their mortgage or rent.

The 6.6% unemployment rate may sound good, but it is very misleading. This is because there are still thousands of Americans who are still not working, but no longer qualify for unemployment benefits. Therefore, they are not counted among that 6.6% of the population that still receiving unemployment benefits. Throw in tens of thousands of underemployed Americans and things don’t look as rosy as that 6.6% makes it seem.

Regardless of the “real” number of

How to Shop For Insurance

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Car insurance prices

In the United States, the homeowners insurance industry is worth an incredible $70 billion. Many people who buy homeowners insurance get cheap homeowners insurance quotes, although it is smarter to compare insurance quotes, and especially to compare home insurance quotes.

According to the USAA, the average rental property in the United States contains an estimated $1,500 dollars of computer equipment and accessories; a renters insurance policy is arguably as important is, if not more important than a homeowners insurance policy. However, when you are renting your living space, your landlord’s homeowners insurance does not cover damage to your belongings.

When you want ho

Finding Profitable and Effective Sales Reps

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Hire sales reps

When you hire the wrong sales rep, you typically lose 6 to 10 times their base salary through lost revenue and missed opportunities. When you consider that turnover in sales organizations can be rather high, it makes sense to properly evaluate and screen any potential sales reps before bringing them on board. Executive search and selection focused on headhunter sales recruiting allows you to screen out less qualified applicants and more efficiently hire high performers.

When hiring sales representatives, normally only 10% will fully create a positive ROI within your business. You may be able to improve those numbers using executive recruiting firms to help with your search, but you should perform some preliminary research to determine which headhu

A Business Expansion Loan Success Story

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Commercial business loans

Small business loans are vitally important to the continued success of the American economy. Everything from business equipment loans to business expansion loans have played crucial roles in the trajectories of many U.S. companies, sometimes making the difference between success and failure. Today, we’ll look at the story of one veterinarian who made use of business expansion loans to grow her practice and improve her financial situation.

Setting the Stage:

Inna, an experienced veterinarian who opened her own Minnesota practice in 2002, was thrilled with the success of her business so far. Located on a busy st

What Every Business Needs to Succeed

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Easy business loans

Our nation is home to about 23 million small businesses, and they employ more than half of the American workforce. Though each is somehow different from the others, what many do have in common is a need for financial assistance in some way. About 16% of all loans taken out in the U.S. are for business use only, though they’re taken out for a variety of reasons. A third of American small businesses cite “unpredictable business conditions” as their motivation for taking out a small business loan, and nearly a quarter blame poor or slow sales. Still another 63% pursue business loans as cash flow solutions. It is this last portion

Why Does Website Design Matter?

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Nj web design and development services

For the most part, successful businesses have good website design services. When a consumer visits a website, he or she wants to be able to navigate easily between pages and experience a website that appears to have been made with effort. Unsurprisingly, about half of all internet users consider a poorly designed business website to be a result of a lack of effort by the company.

As such, the business of web design is a fairly popular and influential one. As a component of internet marketing, website design matters because people aren’t going to spend time surfing through a website that doesn’t provide good content on their website or has a poorly designed, difficult

The Fastest, Easiest Loan You’ll Ever Take Out

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How to get small business loans

The American small business is alive and well. About 23 million exist in the U.S., accounting for more than half of all domestic sales. Small business owners in the U.S., 42% of whom started their first ventures during childhood, are faced with a number of challenges, not the least of which is obtaining funding. The need to obtain a small business loan is not always indicative of a financial struggle, though 15% of small businesses do claim to have trouble obtaining credit or loans. Many others look for business expansion loans in order to grow businesses that are already successful.

There are many circumstances that precipitate business loan application, though so

How to Hire Sales Representatives

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Executive recruiting firms

A career in sales is hardly the safest or most secure career path. For the most part, even a job in sales is not secure, as sales people are required to meet their quotas. With that said, a recruiting firm can make hiring sales reps a whole lot easier, because they know what to look for.

Recruiting firms screen and place sales representatives with companies, managing the entire process from start to finish. There are even executive recruitment firms that can deal with hiring upper level management an executives in a company.

Since the majority of what a sales rep does involves communic

How Sales Recruiting Firms Make the Hiring Process Much Easier

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Hiring sales people

Of all the sales professionals in North America, roughly 40 percent will miss quota, 22 percent are untrainable, and only about 10 percent will actually provide a return on investment. With that said, hiring sales people is a slippery slope. You never know exactly what you are going to get with a sales person, but there are some things that can make a sales person successful. For instance, charisma, adaptability, confidence, and enthusiasm all go a long way to making a sales person successful.

Research has shown that only about 20 percent of sales leads are ever followed up. Importantly, recruitment firms can make hiring sales people easier. There are even recruitment firms that deal with executive search and selection, but those executive search and selection groups deal explicitly with hiring upper le