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The Importance of Understanding Water Contamination

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95% of freshwater in America comes from groundwater, and it is this source that provides drinking water for half of all Americans. However, groundwater pollution is becoming an increasing problem as 70% of industrial wastewater is dumped into bodies of water that then leak into and pollute this ground water supply. 80% of hazardous waste sites within the United States have already impacted the surrounding groundwater. This is a severe problem that needs to be taken seriously, before millions of people become adversely affected by this issue.

Effects of Groundwater Contamination

Not only is the environment impacted by the contamination of chemical waste, but illnesses due to the contamination can be spread through the animal and human populations due to the consumption of the affected water. Hepatitis and cholera can both be easily contracted through ingestion of the water. The scariest part is that the contamination can go undetected for long bouts of time while the communiti