4 Tips for Picking the Right Printing and Mailing Services Company

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Mailing and printing services

If you have a reason to print and mail materials to your customers, you want it done correctly. This will mean you want to hire a good company. To do that, experts in printing and mailing services recommend the following tips:

1. Do not make your decision solely on the price. It is important to get the right price for your printing and mailing services but that is not the only thing you should take into consideration when you are looking to hire a company to handle your needs. You need to look at the total package and see what kinds of quality and value the company can offer. The experts in printing and mailing services like to remind people that going with the lowest price may get you materials that look terrible and can hurt your reputation and bottom line. This is true if you are looking for invoice printing services for businesses or if you are sending out marketing materials. When you go with the cheapest company for your printing and mailing needs, you will get materials that are of lower quality and print jobs that just do not look as good. If you ever wanted a good example of “you get what you pay for,” this is it.

2. Remember not all printers are the same. Different printing companies use different equipment, have different levels of experience and offer a variety of services. They may take longer or shorter amounts of time to complete or even get to your job. There is a certain amount of craftsmanship and art that goes into printing jobs. When you are looking to hire a printing company, there are some questions you may want to ask:

  • Can I talk to former or current clients? They can give you a good sense of what it was like to work with the printer and what they thought of the products they produced.
  • Can I see samples of your work? Printers should have examples of the work they did that they are the most proud of.
  • What is the turnaround for your staff? You want to go with a printer who treats their employees well. Unhappy staff do not do as good a job as happy staff.
  • How long will it takes to do my job? If you are planning a direct marketing campaign, you need to be able to time it correctly. You want to make sure the printing company has the time they need to get your job done the right way.

3. Do not make printers compete. When it comes to most services, it is a good idea to have companies compete with each other for your business. The people at printing and mailing services note that this does not work as well when you are dealing with printers. They typically have a list of loyal customers. They are not impressed with people and businesses that try to play different printers against each other. You will get a better price if you find a good printer that you like and can work with and do all your business with them rather than trying to hop back and forth between companies. When you are loyal to one printer, they will go out of their way to make sure you are happy with the services that they provide.

4. Only hire printing companies that offer guarantees. All reputable printing companies will offer you a guarantee for the work they do. If any mistakes are made in the process of doing your project, a reputable printer will agree to do it again for free. If you do not ask for this, a company that is not as reputable will refuse to take any responsibility for the mistakes they make. They may offer to do your job over for you at a cost. Your best bet is to just ask for guarantees from any printing companies you consider hiring, say staff at printing and mailing services.

Hiring the right company to handle your printing and mailing is important. People who receive your materials will judge your business on your materials so they need to look really great.

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