6 Different Ways Trade Show Exhibit Design Can Benefit the Growth of Your Business

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Owning and operating a business is a lot different than it used to be before the digital revolution. It’s funny because in some ways it’s easier than ever before and in many ways it’s also a lot more difficult! The advent of the internet has facilitated business communication in ways that many people never thought were possible, but that doesn’t mean it ends there! In fact, that’s just the beginning. While the internet makes communicating and reach a larger — even global — audience easier than what was ever thought possible, it also requires a lot of work and upkeep. Like, a lot. Like, a lot more than you think.

Creating and maintaining an online presence and followers takes time, discipline, and maybe even a bit of luck. Think of your online presence as an extension of your brand. This extension allows your customers to have access to you in way that’s meaningful and intimate.

Even if your business is only open eight hours a day during standard business hours, your customers can access your brand and learn more about your business twenty four a hours a day. This is especially true if you have an online store. You can literally make money as you sleep by putting effort, time, and maybe even a little love into digital marketing!

But engaging with customers in the virtual world is only half the battle. As important as digital marketing is, remembering to maintain your physical, brick-and-mortar presence is equally important. As with chivalry, providing excellent customer service is far from dead. Having clear signage, and keeping up with all the other aspects of owning and operating a physical business are still important, and that’s where trade show exhibit design comes into play.

There are several benefits to having a custom exhibit design at a trade show. Even if you don’t have an over the top trade show exhibit design, having a physical presence at a trade show has a lot more benefits than you think and can be used to support and supplement your digital presence. Trade shows are truly a golden opportunity. As much as people love to engage with brands online, they still love to get up close and personal in the real world. Nothing beats the experience of seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and feeling the product or service your business offers. Trade show exhibit designs, especially interactive exhibit designs, allow your current and potential customers to do just that in a unique way.

Here are just a few other ways businesses can benefit from attending a trade show and incorporating custom trade show exhibit design into their space.

Create a long lasting impression in a good way

Trade show events are meant to create a showcase that gives attendees a wide variety of options, kind of like an appetizer platter. It puts the customer in control and allows them to engage with other attendees and businesses as they please and at their choosing. A well put together trade show exhibit design is the best way to garner the attention of curious attendees. The key is to include promotional items (i.e. free stuff), a contest or giveaway of some kind, tons of marketing and sales collateral, and of course, approachable, warm, and friendly customer service. Doing all of this will have customers coming back for more!

The potential for lead generation

It’s no secret that major trade shows have huge followings and a large number of attendants. A good example of this is the Consumer Electronics Show, which had well over 152,000 attendees on the trade show exhibition floor from over 150 different countries. Each person that attends a trade show is a potential lead waiting to be engaged and captured. You can enhance the interactive experience of trade show exhibit design by using QR codes that link directly to your social media accounts.

Level the digital marketing field

Say your online presence isn’t very strong but you’re great at creating trade show booth designs. A trade show is your time to shine! This gives you a chance to really interact with attendees. You’ll be unforgettable!

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