6 Reasons to Promote Your Brand with a Direct Mail Campaign

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If you’re thinking of ways to spread the word about your business, you may want to consider a direct mail campaign. The reason for this is simple, it works according to the Direct Marketing Association, the response rates for direct mail can be better is 20 times that from newspaper advertising, nearly 19 times better than what you would get with the radio advertising add a whopping 47 times better the television advertising. If you go with a print and mail services company, you can develop a direct marketing campaign that is both cost effective and will effectively raise brand awareness for your business. Here are some reasons to use direct Mail marketing:

  1. You can get a highly targeted list. When you go with a professional printing and mailing services company, you can get a list that is tailored and targeted to your goals. For example, you can use one direct mail marketing campaign to reach new clients or customers and another to reach out to the people who already know about your business. A good example of this is the way veterinary clinics use direct mail to remind pet owners about making appointments for their animals to get their annual shots
  2. You can create a very personalized direct mail campaign. When you work with print and mail services companies, they can create very personalized campaigns to appeal to your existing customer base and to attract new customers. Studies show that a more personalized touch leads to a higher conversion rate in terms of actual sales. The personalized touch that can be added to your direct mail campaign will make it much more affective at bringing new people to your business.
  3. People hold onto mail they perceive. While it is all too easy to delete spam when it arrives in our email inboxes, most people bring in their mail the day they receive it. Moreover, unlike the spam that gets routed to our junk folders and is never seen, when we receive mail the old fashioned way most people take the time to at least look it over. This makes direct mail marketing more effective than many other kinds of marketing campaigns. In the 2015 Direct Marketing Association end of the year report they concluded that direct mail marketing is this much at 600 times more effective and all digital marketing combined.
  4. It is easy to set up and follow through with the direct marketing campaign. Most print and mail services companies can help you develop a design a campaign that works. From creating the artwork, to developing the message, printing and mailing the individual pieces, your local print and mail services company can do it all. This means you can get a very effective and efficient direct marketing campaign completed with not a lot of effort or work.
  5. Direct mail marketing is very versatile. You can send brochures, catalogs, cards, letters or postcards. Many businesses, such as doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices and veterinary clinics find a lot of success by sending reminder postcards to patients and pet owners. Sending holiday cards is another way termite current clients and customers about your business. If you’re trying to reach new customers or clients sending other kinds of mail with offers and specials can raise awareness of your business, improve your bottom line and help you grow your company. The print and mail services company can work with you to develop and create the kind of mail campaigns that will work best for your business.
  6. People trust snail mail more than email. Perhaps it is because no one sends post office mail claiming to be the prince of Nigeria and offering ridiculous sums of money the way they do on email but people tend to take more seriously the items they perceive in their mailbox. This is another reason Direct mail marketing it works so well..

There’re a lot of things you can do with your direct mail marketing campaign. Experts of found the people are much more likely to act on the direct mail marketing they receive if they have to do so within a set timeframe. The bottom line is that direct mail is effective.

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